Qt3 Antiques Roadshow

Show us your old shit that you believe may have value (or screw it… that you know has value) and then faint when we tell you what it is worth!

I’ll start. (This isn’t what I was going to start with, but I can’t find the other thing. I know it’s around here somewhere…)

This is an old piece of some type of religious text that I believe came from Ceylon. My grandfather procured it there back in the… 1940s? and somehow it ended up with me. Pardon my crappy pseudo-landscape photo of it.

Ceylon from Sri Lanka? That is very cool! I have some stuff I will photo and post when I feel a little better. I like this thread idea!

Yep, but back in the day when they visited, it was Ceylon. I think they lived there for a year?

This piece is from 40,000 BC and is worth $192 quadrillion dollars. Congrats!

I want everything posted in this thread appraised by this guy:


My father used to wear jackets like that. We called them his Lindsey Nelson jackets.

Free beer for everyone!

I can confirm this man was alive when I was alive. However, I have no memory of him.

Heh, yeah I looked him up. I have no ideas if he was working during that last decade or so, but I get the reference though based on his suits.

“They don’t make 'em anymore, due to anti-pollution laws…”

Turns out I left it with my parents for safekeeping a few years ago. Basically, my Great-Grandfather gave me a baseball that he personally had signed by the 1927 St. Louis Cardinals. There are two members of the Hall of Fame on there… Frankie Frisch and Chick Hafey. I have no idea how much it is worth. I’ll get photos when I can. Maybe some baseball nerds enthusiasts here would have an idea.

I know the answer, but see if anyone can identify the figure, source and age.

Going to throw out an initial:
King Tut
Reproduction of some sort (unless you or your family were part of any discovery or site teams)
Anywhere from early-mid 1920s until now

The Tut craze has had a number of peaks, notably once the full show went on the road and to other countries, including the US in the late 70s, with Steve Martin and the Toot Uncommons singing, “King Tut.”

That piece really looks like a reproduction of a relic. Most of the relics actually found were, surprisingly, in very good shape (for Tut anyway.) Yours is weathered and pockmarked. That’s why my guess is that it was made to look that way. Unless it is for a different king of a different time.

How’d I do?

Cthulhu - 1928

Update, here another similar but in better shape that was sold. It refers to the figure as Osiris the God of the dead, not Tut.



A good quality Osiris from that time period for sale:

A poor quality one for sale:

So to update:
Possibly real bronze statue from the late period Egyptian rule

Ohh spot on

Osiris. Bronze. 26th-30th dynasty, 7th-4th century BC, from an late 19th century English collection.

475 quid - bought last year.

Very nice! There’s some cool stuff on that auction site.

I forwarded this on to a buddy of mine who collects signed baseballs, here’s what he said:

Definitely multiple hundreds if not thousands. It all depends on the condition of the signatures and if they can be authenticated. Send some pics and I’ll investigate further. I can refer you to a couple of authentication companies if you go that route.