QT3 battlestations and/or home office?

Did some tidying up this weekend after clearing my desk of the second 27" GSYNC monitor.

All the freed up space was immediately taken over by crap.

This was several weeks back, following the 21:9 upgrade.

Crap! Thats a TIDY desk for you, @rei ?

I’d go nuts :) Need less clutter around me… Or did you throw in all your tech & gadgets to have them in one shot?

eg in this shot the laptop & mouse on the left aren’t normally there…

Is that a BlackWidow keyboard?

I like to be (cough) ensconced in gadgetry.

Sure is, Blackwidow Ultimate, circa 2012 or so.

Ah, I’ve got a 2010 Arctosa and I was thinking of getting a newer keyboard with backlighting. The Arctosa has low profile keys that aren’t mechanical, but not too flat like laptop keys. Kinda used to that now, and I’m not really sure I want to change to the clackity clack of the chunky mechanical ones…

My unorthodox and slightly dusty setup:

I sometimes miss a proper desk but this mixes my posture up from work and is good for PC, console and party play as well as watching films and TV. The board for my keyboard and mouse is just a cheap bit of veneered hardboard from IKEA with some foam stuck on the bottom so it comfortably sits across my lap. Had it for years now and it’s been great. Wireless is purely for my controllers!

I used to have a similar setup, with a 50" plasma (it was a while ago) and an expensive 5.1 setup. It was incredibly immersive, I really miss having true positional audio in games.

My first 5.1 experience was Dead Space on the PS3 and, man, that game nailed the audio. I remember once hearing a noise near my feet and, leaning over in my chair, peering into the darkness to see nothing, I realised I’d knocked a paper cup over in-game and it had rolled towards me without knowing it. Not had a moment like that since, but it was damn impressive.

This was my setup until early this month:

(Yes, it’s a laptop burger with aluminium sheet sauce. Sitting on the floor.)

Inspired by the mouse grip thread, ergonomics revolution happened in the last few weeks though!

Well, this is still pretty sad compared to what is being posted here.
I am hoping to get the space for a real desk, someday, maybe soon.

I love my IKEA JERKER desk and wish they still made it.

The Desk has been handed down three generations. Was my grandfathers, my fathers, and now mine.

the one on the left or the right?

The right. The left table is just an IKEA dining room table I use as a craft bench.

Here’s my bridge. It’s a bit on the cramped side (the desk is an Ikea desk/bookshelf combo), but I’ve managed to cram on there all a space sim junkie like myself needs, from classic Roland MIDI units to Hands on Throttle and Stick Support (H.O.T.A.S.S.) system to hold the stick, throttle and rudder pedals. It’s not super fancy, but I love the shit out of it.

My MT-32 is staying at a friend’s while I am abroad. I can’t stop staring at yours :’(

A cramped desk after my own heart! Are you using Stardock Fences? I used to until it made my desktop unstable and explorer crash more freqeuntly.

Oh gosh I am so sorry. I love mine so much. It’s funny though, any game that uses MIDI, I run both the SC-55 and MT-32 together (they’re chained via the same MIDI cable), which kind of makes it that much more awesome. You should try that once you get yours!

I am! I use it to help organize the icons of my installed game collection across steam, gog, origin, disk games and so on. It’s not causing any instabilities that I’ve been aware of, though sometimes it crashes.

I want to take a picture of my desk but it is such a mess 'tis too embarrassing. I have reams of medical crap all over, but some day I hope to get organized.

@rei what screen resolution is that? Those are some tiny icons on the bottom! So nice neat and functional. My computer desktop looks about like my office. A mess.