QT3 BF2 Ranked Server

I bought a ranked server for QT3 use. It’s only 8 on 8, cause I’m cheap but I figure if everyone manages to get more than 16 people from here playing at once it’d be a miracle. port 16567

password: send me an IM and I’ll give it to you. Don’t want to post it due to abuse by outsiders.

I only changed a couple settings cause I dunno what the best choices are yet (Advice will be taken seriously).

I’m going to sleep, so I probably won’t make any changes, if needed, for awhile.


Awesome, thanks. I’ll hit this up tomorrow night, maybe :)

Thanks, dude. I’ll hit this up next week when I come back. :)

I’ll hop on this afternoon. Good show.


Excellent – thanks :)

Thanks a bunch!

Edit: Other folks had requested a sticky post with all the IPs we use. Here are the ones I know of:

TacticalGamer: (64 players, tactical play is required)
McMasterBLAM: (16 players)
That other guy’s: - password “unfairfight” (32 players, tactical play is encouraged)

All of those servers are unranked. In my experience, TG is always jam-packed but the other two are unfortunately usually empty. Still, if more people start using the other two as “spillover” servers (if they’re looking to play unranked), maybe they’ll see more action.

I’m psyched to try Kevin’s ranked server. See you all there!

A note on Tactical Gamer for newcomers: when they say that you have to play in a squad, they really mean it. The server will boot you after a certain amount of time unless you join a squad, so even if you are waiting for space to open in a specific squad (like a Qt3 one), just join another one in the meantime.

Hey Kevin, thanks! I’ll get on there today and do some playing!

Three cheers for Kevin!

Good Games on there with Roberdjp, Xaroc, etc. A lot of 1v2 and 1v1, but the matches were close. Matches on the small maps can be pretty quick with only a few people. If you manage to just turn your opponents flags neutral, and eliminate their spawns, the matches swing on one or two confrontatations.

Looking forward to playing with a larger crew.

I turned on Auto Team Balance to keep it fair. I’m Onceler btw.


Can there be a house rule that all squads need to have relevant custom names? I’m all for joing ‘Liberal Media’ if it goes up against ‘Religious Right’.
Watch out for ‘Koontz’ Vagina’ though.

I’ll be there around midnight, EST if anyone is up that late…

Hmm, had some fun 2v2 and 2v3 games tonight before I got disconnected. I rather enjoy playing the Commander role, although it does get rather frantic waiting for your tools to refresh - especially the UAV and Artillery.

Props go out to Spish for listening to my orders when it was us 2 versus 3 on that island map. I actually got a little worried when we were up like 98 to 4 but we couldn’t get those last few tickets off you guys, and then you blew up my UAV cabin. Fun stuff, although I’d like to see more people on the server at a time.

I was a bit worried about that 3 vs 2 game as well. Props go to balut for great commanding, lots of uav and defense orders at the right place / time. All in all great fun.

Any tips for a newbie to multiplayer Battlefield, like myself?

Ben Sones scared me away from even trying BF 1942 online, heh, and I haven’t really played any shooters online a lot since Quake 1 (which I played a ton).

(In no particular order).
Just enjoy the atmosphere, mainly. You get better as things go on.
Vehicles are powerful but keep on moving and don’t stop near any shelter because an enemy Spec Ops guy will immediately plant C4 on you. Stand back and clear out a spawn area so that infantry can rush in and take a flag. If you hear a missile lock noise, immediately pop smoke (X key) and reverse backwards and to the side.
Jets have a large learning curve, so avoid them.
Crouch and then shoot to get accurate hits.
Always go for flags, bleeding from lost flags kills more people than bullets.
If you hear artillery coming in, run like shit.
Parachutes (9 key) are the easiest way to get off buildings, bridges or any steep hill.
Spec Ops is the best utility fighter. They fear no tank and have a nice scoped (albeit under powered) rifle.
Join a squad ASAP and jump in on the green spawn point.
If you go medic, try to get rid of the immediate enemy before reviving team mates. (I got a great score from one squad who kept on getting revived in front of my machine gun position).
If you’re a passenger in an APC, it’s better to press the F10 key to get a forward view so that you can bail out as soon as you see an enemy. Some drivers are blissfully unaware of their enemy positions.
Watch out for Mathew Gallant’s artillery- I swear that it homes in on you.

I have no idea if you can set an option to make artillery strikes take longer between shots, but that is something really needed in a 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 battle. If you’re one guy (Like I’ve been) it is impossible to try and move around at all when you have artillery raining down on you non-stop. I pretty much just hid inside a building and couldn’t get any flags because I kept getting my ass handed to me. Plus, it seems like you need a nuclear bomb to destroy the artillery emplacements. Does the C4 work better on those things? Just hitting it with a tank took like 50 shots to blow one up.

Oh, and a Flight Stick works pretty good with the Jets. I’m still complete rubbish with the Helicopters though, although if I don’t get shot out of the air, I can usually get from one side of the battlefield to the other and land without dying. The fact that I get there by flying backwards not-withstanding.


C4 is the only way to get rid of artillery, UAV shelters and radar. 2 det packs and boom, you’re set to go. Save your last C4 to blow up the supply crate that the enemy commander will then immediately drop down.

Use all your detpacks, and if the enemy commander is dumb enough to drop a supply crate, use it to refill your supply of detpacks and then destroy it.