Qt3 Blood Bowl: Sign up now for the European leagues' season 2

With both the European Qt3 leagues finishing their first season it’s time to plan for the next season.

I’d like to invite all interested players, beginners as well as veterans, to a second season of the finest turn-based fantasy sports game in the world.

Strategy is likely to continue as commissioner of the Old World league which was the first and largest of the European leagues while I will, if there’s enough interest, run the Euro Conference league again for players who want to play an additional team and increase the number of matches they play.

There has been some previous discussion about our intentions for the next season so I think strategy and I are on the same page but if we disagree on anything then whatever he says goes for the Old World league so I’ll try not to speculate too much.

That said, season two will allow coaches to keep playing with their old teams. This applies to teams from any of the Qt3 leagues, including the American league if the American coaches can schedule their games on euro-friendly times. I intend to allow coaches to either keep their old team in the Conference, bring over a team that has previously played in another Qt3 league, or start a new team altogether if they wish. The only limit is that they can only have one team per league.

This will lead to some imbalances in team matchups as fresh teams are faced with veterans from the past season but the built-in inducement system takes edge of the worst of these imbalances and is designed to give new teams a fighting chance. Coaching skill and luck will always be the deciding factor.

I’m in for the next Old World league, probably with the Viscid Vermin.

Likewise, with my Brutish Liars Norse team.

Scratch my question in the other thread.

I’m in!

Coach name: Congestion
Race: Amazon
Team name: Amarula Tree
Team value: 1060 (It comes from the previous Euro Conference.)

In with Svenska Akademien

In again with the Palace Owboys.

I would strongly recommend that players join the Qt3 BB Steam group as it makes coordinating games and finding your opponent online a whole lot easier.

The Banhammer Tapirs will be making a return to defend their trophy.

I can’t find the Qt3 BB Steam group. How do I join?

Qt3 Blood Bowl steam group.

That link just points back to this very thread…?

Fixed the link.

I guess I’ll go for it with a new Lizard team (TBD).

You slumming it with us Euros now, LK?

I’m in. Team TBD, very likely a new one.

I would like to sign up please, Undead team.

I’m in with Pirats of the Lustrian Main, my Skaven team from the first Euro League season.

I’d like to sign up please. New team, race to be determined.

I am definitely up to running a second season; I plan to take the Northern Nighthawks on to see if the line-up can recover from the rather catastrophical end I had to the first season.

I think we are pretty much on the same page regarding tournament rules, but if not I am sure we can reach a consensus. I’ll post the suggested rules here for discussion/amendment before we start in any case.

That said, season two will allow coaches to keep playing with their old teams. This applies to teams from any of the Qt3 leagues…

This is pretty much implied by your post but just to be clear: this does not include teams from the Open League. Do NOT submit your teams to the Open League if you would like to continue playing with them in the tournaments.

Just doublechecking here: Apart from the recent sign up thread for Kalle’s Open European League, there’ll still be two european-based tournaments going, Strategy’s Old World and Kalle’s European League, right?

Assuming that there are enough people interested in running concurrent teams, yes.