Qt3 Blood Bowl: Sign up now for the European leagues' season 2

I hadn’t set up the Open League when I made this thread so that’s why I did not mention it originally but I definitely agree that Open League teams should not be allowed to transfer as it could lead to those teams gaining an unfair advantage compared to teams that have to play in a strict league format.

And yes Sten, I will run a second European league if there is enough interest.

Hrm, good point there. Guess I’ll make a fresh team for the open league.

I’m playing any league I can get, even one populated primarily with decadent socialists. I’m curious what the team spread will be for this one.

I created the new Necromantic team R’lyeh Illithids for this league. They’re currently sleeping in darkness.

The Brixton yardboyz will be returning to the Old World league.

I’m in! Team yet to be decided, however.

I’m just downloading it. I can be the leagues mop.
How is the league managed? I mean when how often are games played. Should I play some SP before. I understand SP is somewhat lacking in preparing for MP.

Single Player can still teach you some basics, it’s recommended to start there to learn the rules. The AI can whup you until you learn some essential stuff. It’s still very different to playing against a human. Read the board game rules, you will not make it otherwise. The Competition Rules (the current version, a.k.a. LRB6) are located in the game file folder.

Usually we play once a week in a league. In the Open League you can play as often as you can find an opponent.

Most important of all, welcome! You have made a wise game choice. For some, it will be a hobby for life.

Thanks, I’ll have a read then.

Read the tabletop rules, then play some single player a bit, maybe through the first two seasons or so.

After you’ve learned the basics and the interface from the AI, I recommend figuring out what team you plan to play in a tournament, then making an identical team and playing it in the Naggaroth open league (not the farming dominated Auld World!). Make sure to specify that you want 4 min turns, as 2 min is pretty rough when you start out and that’s what you’ll probably get with the default settings.

Actually, now that we have a Qt3 open league, that’s probably a better idea. Naggaroth isn’t so bad, but it has its share of jerks, farmed teams, and disconnectors.

My advice is to join the open league with a team that isn’t too extreme, such as Amazons, Humans, or Orcs. There’s any number of people who can talk or type you through it in multiplayer, and for me (thanks to kalle) it was a much more fun way to learn the basics.

Then I went to the singleplayer to learn about the different teams as I faced them, and by the time I came back to multiplayer I could at least hold my own.

Ugh humans. I had a human team and hated them. They are basically shitty orcs.

Yeah, I was never too fond of Humans. Maybe if they had ST 3 Catchers? But they don’t.

Humans are the only ones who can get Griff Oberwald. If there was ever a player worth the inducements he is it.

Here’s some data to feed into the multiplayer team selection process for new and old players. It’s the combined tabletop Blood Bowl results for Competition Rules (LRB6) games for over 12,000 games played.

Note that this does not mean that every player should pick Undead. You obviously should always pick the team that suits your playing style, philosophy, sense of fun, masochism or whatever criterion you deem most important at the time. You win when you’re having a good time, not when you mathematically minmax your games.

What this data actually does is it helps you manage your expectations playing with a certain team and it helps you see whether you’re doing well or not for a team of that race. For a human team winning over one third of your matches is doing better than average. Against amazons, expect to win only every fourth time (all other things being equal—which they never are).

It’s worth noting that a lot of the tournaments that table draws it’s data from are resurrection-style tournaments, so called because teams start with a clean slate before each game, where teams are not played by the standard league format rules. With no permanent injuries and completely different rules for team development it’s hard to apply this data to our leagues but it can give you an idea of which teams you will have a hard time dealing with.

Indeed. Note the high placement of the Amazons, and the low placement of the Orks, for example. That’s entirely because the Amazons start out really strong, and the Orks don’t kick in until the Black Orks get Block.

I’d agree though that Undead are one of the best teams, along with Dwarves and Wood Elves. After that I don’t have any strong feelings and the teams seem relatively equal, though some teams have clear advantages early on.

As coach of the Green Bay Sackers I’m deeply offended! This can only be settled on the pitch.
I dare you to apply to the open league with a fresh team of smelly and stupid orcs and I’ll do the same with shiny and proud humans, and we’ll see what’s what. The mitt, errr, glove is thrown!

I’d love to be counted in for this, assuming there’s a little time for me to get acquainted with the basics before it all kicks off? Team (and everything else) very much TBD at this point.

Hah, I’ll be sure to do that. We will have to play this grudge match in a couple of weeks though, this is a pretty crazy 2 week period for me. I barely managed to squeeze in my playoff league game in between ridiculous 8 hour meetings.