Qt3 Boardgames Podcast: Nemesis, Villainous, Blackstone Fortress

Tom Chick, Hassan Lopez, and Mike Pollmann on playing time’s that are too long, Disney games that aren’t as dopey as you might think, and miniatures that just might be worth the hassle.

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You guys played Nemesis! I am downloading and listening intently tomorrow!!!

I am freaking excited!!!

Oh… oh no…

I’ll also add that it’s the best game named Nemesis.

Seconded. Or, thirded.

Really been enjoying the boadgame podcast! Thanks for keeping it up. The only downside to this is it’s probably going to cost me some money. Now to find out when Nemesis will be at retail…

What is the theme music? Is that from Mega Man X?

Sounds like you can totally play Villainous solitaire: just play each villain in sequence and make your best possible decision for each one!

Also I cannot believe you (a) could not remember the name of Thunder Alley and (b) remember that I sent it to you:


Tom likes NASCAR? Well, Mojo Nixon did say that everybody’s got a little Elvis in 'em…