Qt3 Boardgames Podcast: Prophets of Doom, Ancient Civs of the Inner Sea, Lords of Waterdeep

Title Qt3 Boardgames Podcast: Prophets of Doom, Ancient Civs of the Inner Sea, Lords of Waterdeep
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When October 5, 2019

What's a religious cult to do when the world actually ends, how do you raise a young civilization in the Mediterranean, and what's the orange cube again? Tom Chick, Bruce Geryk, and Hassan Lopez consider these questions and more..

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Great podcast guys. I always enjoy when I get to listen to an episode as opposed to record one. Lords of Waterdeep is definitely a beer & pretzels game for me as well. But it’s been instrumental into getting people into deeper games (the progression from Lords of Waterdeep to personal favorite Champions of Midgard being one I’ve experienced with people as well).

Here’s my question: if I met an actual Lord of Waterdeep somewhere, how would I know?

Because his party would consist of an orange cube, a purple cube, a black cube, and a white cube.


I love the idea of Prophets of Doom, but would note that having mechanized mass suicide would probably black it out for just about any of my playgroups, even with a black humor tone.

That’s fair. I can guarantee that the publisher and I will work carefully to siphon out any cards or effects in the game that we deem too potentially offensive or off-putting to people. Can I ask: what about something like “branding”? Like what happened with core members of the Nexium cult. Or sacrificing your followers for benefits (dumping a couple acolytes in the Pit of Faustian Bargains)?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but there’s something specific suicide that is an x-card/tap-out/no-go thing for a lot of folks in my friend. acquaintance, and game store playgroups. This includes folks who will happily eat people as Cthulhu, are fine with grisly horror elsewhere, etc. It’s really specific to this issue.

“I couldn’t tell if the five or six hours you were saying was long or short.” - Bruce Geryk