Qt3 Boardgames Podcast: Shadows of Brimstone, Ambush, Auztralia

We had this discussion already, including pics!

Yep, the Plano boxes continue to be amazing/perfect.

“It feels like multiple lite games thrown together so why not just go play one of those other games?”

That’s how I felt about Root and why I cooled off on it. The cats are playing Scythe lite. The birds are playing Twilight Imperium lite. The alliance is playing Twilight Struggle lite. The vagabond is playing Mage Knight lite.

I could see how some might enjoy it, but I’m still scratching my head why there’s still a hotness craze going for it.

Hey guys! I first got hip to your site when you covered Chaos Reborn, but felt really compelled to sign up to see if you guys might be interested in covering an upcoming dungeon crawler.

Essentially, it’s looking to be there best game yet, and I thought it’d be cool to see your guys’ take on it.

Not affiliated with them in any ways. Just a thought that crossed my mind when i read that tweet.

Take care!

From my perspective, it just tells really cool COIN like stories more than anything else. Although I’m not particularly crazy about the multiple lite game idea on paper, I felt that it does a pretty great job of conveying the theme of each of the archtypes that each faction represents.

That said, the actual mechanical aspects of this game don’t lend them that well to that really rich strategy and optimizing of plays, which I can see disappointing many.

Aww, you got me all excited about Altar Quest, but it’s one of those game that’s not only isn’t available yet, but it hasn’t even started its Kickstarter campaign. I hate getting excited about things that are least a year out. :(

Here’s an URL, by the way:

Thanks for the heads-up, Anjovi. Now to put it out of my mind until it’s available…


Sorry Tom! I shouldn’t have extended the suffering as I did. xD

That said, it looks like their taking last minute pre-orders for their latest kickstarter for street masters. A good looker as well (though I’m saving my cash for this new altar quest that they’re coming out with)

Otherwise, they have their “heroes of terrinoth” card game that they released with fantasy flight games. I’ve been enjoying that one lately.

I’m intrigued by that, but it sounds like it’s a loosey-goosey attempt at leaning away from boardgaming into lite RPGing. Is that accurate?


I don’t think i’d consider it an RPG lite as much as I’d call it a Dungeon Crawler lite…a sort of attempt to take the vibe of a dungeon crawler and distill it into a card game. (That said, it doesn’t really play like a card game in the sense of it’s not really deck building, doing hand management + combo plays, etc.)

The main problem that I’ve found with the game is it’s potential…By that, I mean that the core system is so beautifully crafted that they could add a mechanic to really take home the narrative/procedural story telling, but as of now, it’s a pretty nifty puzzle game with a dungeon crawler feel to it.

It is pretty great at how it emulates the feel of going from location to location. Especially with the peril mechanic that gives every quest its own feel. That said, you could probably watch a letsplay to get a feel of whether you’d like it or not.

It’s the Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game with a reskin since they lost the Warhammer license. Unfortunately, the license was a big part of the appeal.

In that case, I’ve already got it. A few times over, since it’s pretty much the template for all their cardgame boondoggles.


I’m not sure that I’d agree that there’s that much overlap between that game and their other card games, but yes, you definitely functionally own Heroes of Terrinoth already if you’ve got WQACG. It sounds to be nearly identical from a mechanical perspective. That said, it does seem to come with more content than the original implementation did (more heroes, more quests - though not a campaign) and there’s been a couple small tweaks. And of course, there’s the opportunity for FFG to expand it in a way they never got to do with the Warhammer version because it came out so late in their deal with Games Workshop.

I thought that this American Independence Day might be a fine time to review the essential elements of game storage.

Proper use of Plano:

Improper use of Plano:

@justaguy2 take note.

Recently watched the (30+ videos) series on The Dungeon Dive covering Shadows of Brimstone.

Nothing I have seen anywhere has convinced me so thoroughly I cannot get into this scale of the hobby. If I need a phone booth space full of self-created organization/containerization just to store the game, I’m out. If a game is bigger than a one-volume Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia, I will stick with digital.

Standard Volumetric Reference:

Don’t forget you have to hand assemble the minis. That alone would be enough to turn me off that one.

Based on some anecdotal reviews, at least one version of Brimstone had minis that didn’t exactly fit together particularly well, either.

My proudest life hack was when I gave up collecting Warhammer Fantasy minis and just started using cardboard squares as formations and wrote the unit type on them with a marker. This cardboard rectangle is “goblins”, and this cardboard rectangle is “knights”.

Suddenly I could field any army with any composition I wanted!

Suddenly after that, I realized that the rules for WH:F are clunky and not that great!

The solution to this is to just get into Battleground: Fantasy Warfare. The system is interesting, the units are already 2D (printed on playing cards), and an entire army, as big as the game can take, is $30. Good stuff.

Interesting. Had never heard of that one.

It’s a wacky thing of its own, and honestly one of my favorite games. The system is kind of… you put all your units on a programmed autopilot at the beginning of the game, but then each turn can use a limited number of command points to alter (temporarily or permanently) those orders, or to draw from a deck of army-specific command cards that give various single-use advantages. Each army (there are at least a dozen) plays very differently from the rest. Damn near every fantasy race is accounted for at this point, and they did a few historical sets. The worst thing about it is the terrible CGI art, though. It’s pretty bad.

I actually hunted up a set of semi-lost Solo rules via the Wayback Machine last year and played a match with them. I’d really like to build a campaign system for solo games- build up a warband, etc. That would be good fun.