Qt3 Boardgames Podcast: Wingspan, Starship Samurai, Concordia

Title Qt3 Boardgames Podcast: Wingspan, Starship Samurai, Concordia
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When September 5, 2019

Among the questions we consider this week: Can I eat one of those little pieces of colorful egg-shaped candy? Whose samurai mech is that, yours or mine? What the heck is a Mega-Praetor?

Wingspan at :51, Starship Samurai at 16:58, and Concordia at 34:11…

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Didn’t see the starship part and thought there’d be some Knizia related talk, which would be neat!

Otherwise, with Concordia, I’ve found the tension increase dramatically with the “salsa”. It kind of makes that initial read of the board a bit more murky as being able to both use salt as a wild building resource, as well as a cloth to sell can really give you a boost at the right time.

That said, the cost of building salt cities (wine + iron), can create a bit of tension as well.

The forum tiles module I wasn’t a huge fan of, though I think it might just be the fact that I couldn’t talk my partner into trying them out.