QT3 browsing scripts

Does anyone else use user scripts (almost certainly not the technical name) to improve their QT3 browsing experience? If so which ones and where are they?

I just installed this one which appears to work on QT3’s 3.8 software:


Which totally removes posts from users on my ignore list (doesn’t help when they get quoted though). Though I’d like one that lets me reliably ignore threads that I don’t care about, and a much more convenient way to manage the user ignore list than digging into that buried menu. Even better would be if I could get a working script that would make the ignore list work even when signed out, like this one promised to do for vBulletin 3.7:


Maybe these scripts are easy to write and I could code it up myself but I freely admit to knowing absolutely nothing about them.

FfvB version 2 is supposed to be good. I haven’t tried it myself but I have often seen it brought up as a good choice in these discussions on the Internet.

It works really well, apart from occasionally requiring a reboot of Firefox after many continuous days of being open. The most useful parts for me are the highlight thread and ignore thread options, which can be handy whenever there’s a major sporting event or a new WoW expansion.

I have used that (on another forum) and found it worked fine. That said, I’ve since moved on from that forum, and from Firefox.

What’s the left sidebar in FFVB for?