Qt3 @ CES2007?

Who’s going to be at CES this year? Any interest in getting together. We had a great time last year at the restaurant the Dungsroman picked; I’d be willing to just go there again for dinner and beer-soaked conversation.

My dad is going, but I’m not. :P

After several years of successfully dodging it, I’m making my first trip to CES next month. My sked is still in flux, so hopefully I can make whatever gathering might happen.

You couldn’t be a nice man and post in my CES-thread?

I will now go sulk in the corner.

(But I will probably be fine on january 7th, when I’m flying to Vegas)

There’s more than one CES thread? What’s wrong with you people!



Sorry, I didn’t see it, and I’ve been looking for one!

But due to your much larger popularity, or the fact that you posted in Games while my thread is buried in EE under Door etiquette and whatnot, this is now the official QT3 CES 2007 thread.

I will be wherever Jason Cross is, who will tell me he thinks faux hawks are retarded, then be polite enough to say, “but yours isn’t a faux hawk.” I appreciate a man who lies to protect my insecurities.

Cool! Jason has a groupie!


And one who apparently wants to put up with my abusive excuse for “conversation!” Wow!

Of course I’ll be there, happy to hook up for a QT3 dinner again.

I’m 100% sure I’ll be there.


Right now, I’m thinking Tuesday, dinner. Monday could work, but there are many events that I may need to cover Monday evening.

Dungsroman is willing to make reservations at the same place as last year (decent Mexican, off strip). Let me know if Tuesday works for y’all.

Wow. Is everyone already switching over to CES this year?

Now that I’m free of E3 I’m thinking of getting the company to send me to PAX this year…
I’m going to be a man of the people!

I’m invited to a dinner at Andrés tuesday evening, so monday would work better.
Except I probably should be covering something monday that I’m not yet aware of ;) (I mean, if Case is working, I probably should be too… it’s hard to keep track - what’s going on monday evening?)

Your dinner with Andres? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Monday night is Showstoppers, the Corsair party and the OCZ/Shuttle party.

I’m preferential to Tuesday myself, but I can swing Monday. What’s the concensus?

Given the schedule of events this year, I think it’s going to have to be Tuesday. Jason and I probably wouldn’t be able to make Monday. I’m guessing other QT3 press guys will also be tied up Monday evening.

OK, then. Hanzii, you social butterfly you, you’ll just have to figure something out with that big ol’ Scandinavian brain of yours.

PAX is an event in Bellevue. Pretty lame.