Qt3 Classic Game Club #38: Startopia

As it should. It’s basically the last great representative of the old school management “sims”, until Prison Architect really, and even that is just as much Dwarf Fortress influenced.

I haven’t even gotten to a mission that has me using the bio deck. Maybe I’ll stick it out until then.

I think it is a fun little game and personally I liked the humor. The last time I played I remember having to read some strategy tips. I kind of like having to read about a game sometimes. It lets me tinker around on my own and then when I am ready go looking for strategy articles or walkthroughs.

Finally got a chunk of time to play and got through the first two missions. This game has tons of charm and personality, as others have said, and that makes putting up with the UI easier.

Does anyone else have a problem with the messages on the lower left and inventory bar on the lower right? Every time I go to one, the camera swings off what I’m centered on. Any way to prevent that.

Not wild about trash collecting but litter bins seems scarce. Any if I fill up my inventory bar with trash, is there a quick way to put it all in the recycler? I’ve been doing it one by one.

Final annoyance – the hiring screen. There are tabs at the bottom to filter by race, but those tabs just show images of each race, no tooltips with the race names. Can’t tell one race from another.

Still, I’m glad I am finally giving this a go after years of owning it and ignoring it. Onward!

It’s final thoughts time for this one.

I petered out on this one on about the 10th mission. Then decided to give it one more go this morning, since I know I was going to post this call for final thoughts and ended up 20 minutes late for my dental appointment.

I think I most enjoy the balance they struck between there always being something to do and things running mostly fine without too much intervention.

Sorry for not being more active with my own game choice. I also petered out, a bit earlier, mainly because of busy RL.

On the whole, I loved the whimsical tone, the character design, the narrator’s sarcasm, and the overall premise of trying to get a ramshackle space station to keep from falling apart. Dislikes were mainly the camera controls – I used mouselook rather than WASD, and perhaps that was a mistake – and some missions that felt like there was just one way of achieving the goals, rather than several.

But, for me, Startopia lived up to its reputation, a good old game that can still be enjoyed even without rose colored glasses.

Thanks, Casey, for the chance to choose. (I also kind of think the lack of sticky in the Games forum for this choice and the previous one may have factored into the dearth of participation. Or perhaps we’ll blame No Man’s Sky).