Qt3 Comic Book Wednesdays 4/22/09 - Issue #3 (Gaiman on Batman and Vikings, oh my!)

All general comic talk is welcome as is all weekly stuff. Just spoiler stuff until after it is released (not all of us read solicits).
The Must Haves of the Week

Viking #1- Oversized, made for the issues, crime book set in the 9th Century? Goddamn that sounds good for $3.
Detective Comics #853- The conclusion of Gaiman’s two part take on the death of the Dark Knight. I highly suggest you buy this in issues (shouldn’t be too hard to find the first issue, it’s the last issue of Batman) because as far as I know it’s only being collected with a bunch of filler in a pricey hardcover.

Nawid’s Other Pulls of the Week

Savage Dragon #147- It may be an acquired taste, but I suggest you guys to try out Savage Dragon from issue 145 to now or to at the very least pick up #148 on Free Comic Book Day and jump on with that (and yes I will be doing a Free Comic Book Day Topic).
Buck Rogers #0- New series for 25 cents? I’ll try it.

Other Notable Issues

For those wondering, the untitled cover is from Scalped a book I’ve heard nothing but good about.

Qt3’s Finest

By our very own, William Harms!

For the rest of the week’s comics (and a great way to manage your pulls for the week) go here and report back.
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I will be picking up the Gaimen Batman, and probably the Wolverine issue by William Harms. Additionally, I will be getting the latest B.P.R.D. trade paperback.

Edit to say - Oh yeah, I am totally getting Buck Rogers for a quarter.

I’ve read the Viking issue already, and Ivan’s done great. That it’s such a unique looking comic’s just an added bonus.


That Scalped cover would work even better as a Twin Peaks cover.

Ooooh, you bastard nawida.
I resisted clicking these threads because I had nothing to contribute (I still don’t) but now you’re making me want to read comics again.
It’s a habit I kicked (except for the odd TPB relapse) and that I can ill afford to take up again.

Seconded. I haven’t been to a comic shop since I was a teenager, I just buy a TPB about every month from Amazon, but I can’t pass up Gaiman doing Batman. I’ll be picking that up tonight.

So did the numbering of Thor jump around or something? I just picked up the first trade of Straczynski’s run, which I thought was starting over at #1, but I see they’re at #601.

Marvel loves to relaunch a title with a #1 but as soon as it reaches another century mark, they’ll revert the numbering. Really annoying. I believe the current Thor run is #1-12 (588-599 in the opposite numbering system) and then the 13th and 14th are 600+601 and so on. Confusing and really annoying. I love Marvel for putting such great talent on their books but goddamnit I hate their business practices.

I just saw the July solicits and goddamn, my wallet is going to be feeling empty. So much awesome stuff coming.

Scalped is freaking awesome. It and The Walking Dead are the only series I have to get every month now.

I dunno how long they’ve been doing it, but I’m really digging Marvel’s redesigned cover style with the red band at the bottom. It makes every cover really stand out.

Kirkman’s other series, Invincible is just as good if not better than Walking Dead. I just wish they’d get their trades on track so I could jump to issues.

Spoilers: That’s just for the online solicits. The actual covers don’t have the red band, they still have big normal titles.

That’s just for the web.

So I’ve heard, but I’ve resigned myself to just not being that into superheroes. I still like some Batman, and I loved loved loved Astro City but that’s about it. I think Kirkman is a great writer and plotter, but unless I can develop some interest in superhero genre again, I think The Walking Dead might be it for me.

Oh, that sucks. Props WITHDRAWN!

All I can say is, Invincible is the best superhero book out, Robert’s plotting is even better there, and it’s witty and occasionally meta nature make it more than just another superhero book. I’ve read some Astro City (will catch up with it when I have enough cash) and I think what Robert is doing is just as good. If you do decide to read it, make sure you don’t judge it until after issue #13 (the end of the third trade or just the first hardcover). You’ll know why when you get there.

Too bad. That’s a nice-looking little design element, and they’re totally missing out on the OCD collector market. I know people who’ve rebought entire sets of trades just to have all their spines match (ahem, Sandman).

Heh, I’m considering moving to hardcovers on Y the Last Man because in my four trades, two have the new trade dress, and two have the old. That and Vertigo’s trade paper quality is shit.

Yeah, well. Trades are for reading, not collecting. Hardcovers are for collecting again.