Qt3 DC Meet?

Considering the fact that Qt3 is well represented on the left coast, what with the Seattle slew of members and the original Shoot Club, what are the prospects for some East Coast action?

I know that there are a few Maryland/Virginia/DC people here, so the capital area is a decent place to start. I’m thinking some Saturday afternoon in August.

Anyone interested?


I would definitely be up for it. I think fuzzyslug might be interested as well, we have hit LAN parties together before.

– Xaroc

I’m interested in hearing more.

More? Well, still in the planning stage, of course. I was thinking of going to a bar/restaurant in the District and just drinking some beers, chatting, etc. If this can evolve into a more serious gaming thing, I’m up for that too.

Right now, I’m just sampling for numbers. Even if it’s just me and Xaroc, that’s fine. I’m just trying to build some buzz. And maybe get some ideas for good places to drink.


I’d be up for it.

I have a restaurant and bar in McLean, but love checking out the District as well. One of my favorite joints is Pharmacy Bar in A-M; as long as you get there before 1am, it’s very laid-back, solid food, cold beer, incredible jukebox.

Depending on how far out we can schedule this, I’m game for showing up.

Sound interesting. I will stay tuned…

I’m interested. I’d even volunteer my living room for a gaming night (maybe post beer consumption) if the numbers are low (say less than 8). I own every current console and can swipe extra controllers from Xaroc.

Lots of lead time is good for me, too. I am in a pretty demanding education program at the moment, so there will be at least three weeks notice I think.


Man, it’s probably my only shot at an east coast Qt3 gathering, but I can’t justify that long of a drive from SC.

Lots of lead time is good for me, too. I am in a pretty demanding education program at the moment, so there will be at least three weeks notice I think.


Hooked on fonix werked for mi!

I’d definitely be down for it.

Also, if folks want to do a LAN party at some future date, my brother in law offered to let me use one of his Jackson Hewitt stores (located a few miles south of BWI) if folks are interested. I think he’s got DSL in the store, too, just in case.

That location sounds great to me. Hopefully we can get something organized.

– Xaroc

Great! We have a reasonable number of people (i.e., more than me) who are interested in this.

Now to set a date, time and location.

I would prefer a weekend afternoon, but Aug 7 I am out of town, and Aug 14 might be a little tight for my schedule. Is the 21st OK for people? Would people prefer a Friday night or Sunday thing?

And can anyone recommend a good location in the District (close to Metro preferable)? I like the Capital City Brewing Company (11th and H), but I really don’t know much about bar life in the area.


I’m taking PhD exams the week of the 21st, so I’d prefer to push if possible.

I am good for the 14th or the 21rst or the 28th. Friday’s generally blow because of extra traffic so a Saturday or Sunday afternoon would be ok with me. The 7th is no good for me (think I might be road tripping for a Rush concert that day).

– Xaroc

Let’s do the 28th then?


No new replies, so I will assume that the 28th is fine. I’m thinking mid-afternoon.

Location is still up in the air. I am hearing good beer things about Brickskellers in Dupont Circle. Lots of different beers and man-food.

Anyone have any issues with this?


Other than the fact that you’re looking to party in Dupont Circle because of “man-food”, no.

So far the 28th looks great – Brickskellar is definitely an interesting venue. Haven’t been there in years… :)