Qt3: E3 Get together

Who all is going to be at E3. In past years, there have been Qt3 get-togethers (I will have my Qt3 polo shirt with me).

Any thoughts of getting together?

I will be there.

I’ll be there. I think Supertanker arranged the last two get-togethers, but no one has stepped up to be the organizer for one this year. Anyone remember the name of the bar we went to? I suppose we could just show up there some night…


Well if no one comes up with a meeting place and time, I’ll see what I can arrange.

I was thinking of some sort of Ep3 pilgrimage but I suspect that we wouldn’t be the only ones thinking of that.

I thought of doing that, but I imagine all the tickets are gone at this point.

I’ll be around because I live in town, but won’t be at E3 since I have no connection to the game industry. If there’s another Qt3 shindig I’ll go, but I’m too lazy to organize it.

The place we went last year (and I believe the year before, though I wasn’t there) was Casey’s, which is in downtown LA, on Grand Ave between Wilshire and 6th.

I’ll be there Wednesday and Thursday and I’m game for a get-together. Just let me know.

Since when do they check credentials? I never tried to QB-sneak into E3 (only went thrice, when I actually had credentials) but couldn’t you just, like, say you contribute to Qt3 or something? If I (god forbid) lived in LA I would definitely go.

Okay, let’s start throwing out evenings. Thursday or Wednesday evening at Casey’s? And should we call it 8pm?


Thursday works for me.

Thursday is good. Chances are I’ll be working late on Wednesday given it’s the first day of the show.

You guys all going to get together and have a little “Fuck Star Wars” bash by going and seeing Episode III that night :wink:

Thursday would work for me. Also, I’d love to catch Star Wars, but yeah, probably that’s imposssssssibbleeeaaaah at this point.

Doh! I just looked at my calendar and realized I’ll be out of town at a seminar all three days. Drink some beers for me!

I’ll go. Where’s Casey’s?

And is Tom going to skip it by going to the gym instead this time?



I might go this year, depends on which night is movie night with my regular group of jerks. And if they are seeing Star Wars, I’ll go to Casey’s. I’m hoping they’ll go see unleashed but they are SW people.

In for Thursday.

Okay, Thursday it is. It won’t be anything swanky and we won’t have a corporate sponsor this year. But Thursday night, 8pm, we’ll meet at Casey’s (linked above) for an informal Qt3 hangout.


Is it 21 and over?