QT3 Fantasy Football

It’s starting to be that time of the year again and, given the success of the QT3 fantasy football league last year, I thought we’d run another one. Here’s the deal, which should look awfully familiar to returning players:

Standard 12 team league. I’ll consider adding more players depending on interest.

Head-to-head play, complete with a two round playoff.

Slight variations on the standard league rules. For example, I like including return yardage. Yahoo allows me to use last year’s settings. I intend to do so but everything is up for debate.

The number of players we field would depend on the number of teams we get. The idea is to encourage trading. The waiver wire should be considered a scarce resource. We’ll include at least one defensive player in addition to a defensive team.

The draft will be scheduled right before the season opens (approximately Mon Sept. 4th). I’m leaning towards a live draft, if possible, which went surprisingly well last year. However, if geography and schedules don’t allow, we can try an offline draft.

Yahoo’s free setup. Each individual can opt to add the $10 StatTracker package if they like. I’d suggest it. It’s really nice.

While I’m certainly up for playing for bragging rights alone, it’d be nice to have a winner’s pot. How about this? Everyone must send the winner one old/bargain bin PC game of their own choosing. Invade your dusty closets!

You can see the initial league here. I’ll put out the password once we settle on a number of teams.

Isn’t there already one of these here : http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?t=37585?

Ack. I missed that entirely. Hmm.

Ah, that’s a points only league. This is a head to head league. Any interest in this one, folks?

I’ll wait and see if it fills up, since I am already in the other one. I want to give others a chance. But if you need another team, I’ll join.

I’d be up for it. The two should be able to coexist just fine.

Ah, missed the points only part. Carry on then! ;-)

I played in the head to head last year and had fun. This year though I’m already in one league, may be helping a friend with another, and have like zero free time thanks to work and family. Much as I LOVE fantasy football, I need to take a sanity pass this season. Thanks for putting the league together though, and good luck!

Last year was fun, I’ll play again.

If people don’t mind if I play in both leagues, I’d be happy to join. I’m a stat-mongering whore, so the more stats I get to look through, the better!

Erik J.

EDIT: Also, I’d suggest using the updated scoring, unless we want to keep it like last year for posterity.

I’m in.

I didn’t play last year but would play if there’s space.

I’m already in the QT3 points league so I’ll let others who want to join this one sign up first. If you need an extra player for this one though, let me know and I’ll sign up.

I’m in the points league as well, so put me on the alternate “if you need someone” list.

I’m interested.

I’ll play.

It’s looking pretty good so far, particularly if the “if you need me” folks join. There’s still plenty of room. I might join the other one as well, even though I tend to prefer head to head leagues.

Eric, what changes did they make to the scoring? Is it better?

Essentially, QBs and RBs get a little more love for their yardage, is the big difference, but QBs now only get 4pts for a TD, RBs still get 6pts.
QBs are now 25yds/pt, and Receivers and Running Backs are 10yds/pt. Receivers also get 6pts for TDs.

Erik J.

Well, I tried to join to help fill it out, but it says I can’t see the page because I’m not in the league. Are you sure that’s the right link?

Ah, I hadn’t handed out the password because I wanted to set the number of teams. It looks like I can change it even after people have joined, however. Open for business:

ID: 387786
Password: tomchick

I would like to join if there’s still spots available and if nobody minds a complete Fantasy Sports newbie on board.