Qt3 Fantasy Hockey 2011-2012

Okay, you hosers! It’s that time of year again!

We only have six teams so far; far too few. If you think you know a thing or two about the coolest game on ice, or you just wanna field the most Toronto Maple Leafs players (But why?), come and join us!

League URL is here. I presume you can join somehow by clicking on that. League ID is 26898, password is tomchick.

Dudes who are already in the league, let me know when you want to draft!

I’m tempted to join just so I can get back into hockey after a I stopped watching a couple of years ago when the Sharks blew it in the playoffs for the bazillion time. Also so I can kick your ass at another fantasy sport. : )

Bring it on. :P

I’m not going to bother re-reading my initial post for clarity, but it was after a couple of strong beers during the late game, so I’m not 100% sure it was my best effort.

I’m in again as Turgeon’s Shoulder. I fully expect to wind up in the middle of the pack again, but if it gets me to pay attention to players that are not Capitals for another year it will be a success in my eyes.

So that’s who those guys are.

A reminder that our draft was tentatively scheduled for this coming Saturday at 10:00 PM EST. Since nobody’s suggested otherwise, I will assume we’re still on for that. Later than I’d like, but I want to accommodate the West Coasters.

Also, there’s still room for a couple more!

Sounds good. :)

I joined. I can be the cellar dweller of this league, every league needs one of those.

Are we at an odd number now?

Yea, it looks like it’s an odd number so we’ll need one more person for a 10 team league.

I can drop if we need to even things up. I don’t mind. I’ll keep forgetting to update my rosters anyway.

No! We’re not losing the Crumpinators!

I’ll set up a dummy team if it comes to that!

ok :)

We’ll call them the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Crisis averted! Erik J. has agreed to balance the league out, once I send him an invite…

Okay, we’re all locked in now.

Good luck and good drafting.

Order will be random, but I call dibs on Stamkos.

Remember! The draft is happening in four hours!


Me, being the goober I am, thought it was 10 am.

Remember, we’re being accommodating of the West Coasters.

I finally got around to looking through league settings. And notice, at least it appears we don’t get a bench, is that how this works?