Qt3 Fantasy Hockey 2011-2012

We do. Four bench players.

Ah, I see it now. I must’ve missed it somehow. Well time to prepare on how to draft to get only Sharks on my team.

It won’t let me in!

Never mind; false alarm.

Okay, so, clearly the Crumpinators failed in their dastardly scheme to draft all of the Bruins, but they did manage to snap up eight of them. Should we expand the rosters so they can make it an even 10?

I’m a bit worried that we don’t have any backup centers, but I’m reasonably satisfied with our depth at all other positions. Someone will fall to the waiver wire, eventually, who we can grab to replace one of our inevitably injured defensemen.

I complexly forgot about Patrice, too.

For me, it was safe to go with Players I knew.

I failed to go with the all-Sharks team I envisioned. A lot of them were slotted very closed to each other that made it difficult to get them. I did still end up with three of them so I’m happy. But I also ended up with a bunch of divisional rivals which I kind of hated doing but I knew them a bit better than other players.

I have no Penguins on my team. So even when I lose I am still going to win.

edit- Or the Flyers.

Given I threw my lot in with the Bruins this year, I’m amazed I’m at .500.

My blue liners all suck. When I look at the available pickups and Include My Team for Comparison, they’re all below top ten or so guys on waivers.

I don’t expect this to last the entire season, especially not for Lidstrom and Enstrom, but in the meantime it’s getting a mite irritating. Brent Seabrook has been particularly disappointing.

Craig Anderson rewarded my faith, though. A little patience may be all they need.

Sorry to cut Alfy, but the guy keeps getting banged up, and I can’t afford the risk.

My blue line is pretty dominant. Mike Green, Pronger, Letang, and MA Bergeron. I picked up Bergeron as a free agent and he’s put up more points than anyone on my team aside from Claude Giroux.

Struggling with injuries, though. With 2 D-men and 2 goalies who haven’t played in over a week now, I’m lucky to have pulled out a win last week.

I don’t know what I’m doing, but apparently I’m pretty awesome at this fantasy hockey thing too. Now that it seems I have a good team, I feel I should make some trades for more Sharks but I don’t think they’re doing all that well compared to what I have.

I got this Neimi you might like…

I would be interested in swapping Ryane Clowe and maybe one other guy for Martin St. Louis.

On the other hand, Clowe’s supposed to be my PIM machine. Marty can’t bring that.

So, uh, are the Slewfooters interested in actually managing their team?

They’ve got two guys on IR not on IR. By which I mean, holding constant roster spots. That ain’t right.

I hope not. I’m playing them this week.

I’m open to any trade offers. All will be considered. Just not sure what to offer for Nemi, since I like Quick and an even goalie swap of Lethonen might not be fair even though he’s on fire right now. Same deal with Clowe, especially since St. Louis is suppose to be my top scorer. Maybe we could work out a three team trade.

I wasn’t seriously proposing a straight-up Clowe-for-St. Louis swap. That just wouldn’t be fair.

Joffrey Lupul scored a hat trick tonight, though…

I’m still holding the line with my all-Bruins team. We’re only about 1/8 of the season in, so I’m not going to start jettisoning people yet. I’m holding out hope I can start double-dipping once the Bruins get going, and get the points for the goal and assist on the same goal.

This may end up still being a disaster, but it’ll be a fun one.

I know, it’s just that I don’t know who else I would want. Also I’m not sure we’re allowed to trade, you being my archnemesis and all. It would be like the Giants and Dodgers doing a trade, or Red Sox and Yankess.

To be fair, I’m not looking to dump guys, just looking to acquire more Sharks. Though I think I whenever I did homer picks my teams didn’t do so well.

Yeah, I’m not looking to trade, either, except maybe for a better damn goaltender.

But if you’re looking for more Sharks, I’m happy to oblige. If it makes the experience more enjoyable and keeps people in it, I’m all for it.

You’re right, though: You are my arch-nemesis, for whatever reason. So we must never trade players, except to grab each other’s discards from the waiver pile in the hopes that they explode on the scene, and then we can rub it in the other’s face.