Qt3 Fantasy Hockey 2011-2012

One thing I’m getting screwed on is Yahoo lists Sequin as a Center, but the B’s have him on wing. I could move him to the wing and put Kreji back on center.

It’s playoff time and wow, what an fail by my team. Played the Wolfbanes Marauders the final week of the season and first round of the playoffs, led throughout the whole time and l lose it all on Sunday.So much for hassling Omni about his team failing to advance, and for our epic rematch. Which may now never happen since I never really got into hockey as I hope I would so I doubt I’ll play next year.


It was close, but not quite enough. My big guns failed me.

Good luck to those moving on to the next round!

So far my all-Bruins draft strategy has worked out. I wanted to build a team I could just wind up and let go without much fiddling and it’s worked.

I was definitely surprised to see you two go down already.

I’ve been struggling all season with shitty goalies, Ovechkin playing like a chump, and what should have been an all-star defensive lineup getting decimated by injuries for most of the season. Somehow I’ve stayed afloat and now the top remaining seed.

It’s not even like my team performed badly either, just that Wolfbanes’ ever so slightly edged me out. Well good luck to everybody, I’ll be rooting for the Marauders to win it so I can say we loss to the eventual champions.

Congrats to the Boston Bru…errr Crumpinators on their fantasy hockey championship!

Indeed, congratulations!

Indeed. 1st place all season long, only to go down in the first round. Oh well. Congrats.

Hey, at least I saved my whining for a separate post!

Lousy goaltending and unreliable defense…

Thanks! This was fun.

Okay, as that Swedish fellow reminded me, it’s about time to get this underway again!

Invites should have gone out to those who were in the league last year.

Chime in if you want to participate, and let me know when you’d like to schedule the draft for.

Hopefully we get a season - I’m in.

I can always open this up to players from… elsewhere, if we have trouble filling the ranks.

I’ll participate, assuming we see any hockey at all this year.

Damn it, I completely forgot about that!

Don’t screw this up, Bettman!

I signed up in the hopes of a season. There is gonna be no hockey this season. :(