QT3 Flash Game Recommendation Thread

Recommend and list your favorite flash games of all time.

Links or I will fly over your house like Santa Claus and dump a dead kitten down your chimney.

A game I discovered today:
Don’t Shit your Pants

Ha! They got me! That was pretty funny, actually. I thought it was going to be stupid, and it was, but it was a fun twenty seconds or so.

I thought it was going to be shit (haha) as well, but it was actually pretty clever.

Does it include shirts?


This site is making me fail at taking notes in class.

Awesome links! I love physics games.

Here is a very well put together base-building game.

Hey look, it’s Harvest - Massive Encounter as a flash game.

My favorites on Kongregate. I have a strong preference for strategy/tactical games, clearly.

Top 3
Monster’s Den (I’m not an alt account for Garin, btw.)
Mud & Blood 2 (HUGE learning curve so that it will frustrate the hell out of you for the first few plays, but very worth it. Also very unfair.)
Hedgehog Launch (Submitted without comment.)

It’s actually better than Harvest…

Also, there’s quite a number of these types of threads already.

Actually, it’s just a crappy game.

That’s just like, your opinion, man.

Tank 2008
A fun top-down action game, WASD controls with point-and-click shooting.

Battalion Nemesis
A turn-based tactics game with pretty good unit balance and cute graphics.

The Codex of Alchemical Engineering
A great little programming and spacial logic game, definitely one of my favorites.

Hit the Jackpot 2
This is actually a great archery game. It has online leaderboards so you can represent your country and a good implementation of wind physics in archery.

A fun dice game, based on chance but like all good dice games has a reasonable strategy for winning. The AI is very good, or you can play against other humans.

A really good post apocalyptic free world type game. Think Fallout mixed with some wild west mixed with some turn based strategy mixed with some Privateer. Yeah, it’s that good.

Heh, url problems, but easily fixed ones. I for one am bookmarking this thread.

Great game, but the later battles take FOREVER. And all you basically play for is to either own the air or the sea and it’s over… ground forces are only to hold points.

EDIT: dropped to 18th place and lost interest, haha.

Heh, nice.

I just logged in to check and uhh… looks like a lot of Polacks learned how to exploit and brought the country up to first place.

Go Poland! Yeah…

Hunted Forever

A very soothing free-runner with tons of re-playability due to the smoothness of the controls and unlockables.

An artsy platformer from the guy that brought us Gish and other indie games.

I like this one a lot, very interesting and kind of a nice mix of puzzles and platforming.

Castle Clout ROTK

This is from Demon’s physics game site. The Trebuchet mechanic is frustratingly hard to get a feel for, and the game has a steep learning curve, but it is just fun to knock over physics objects and cause mayhem.

reaches the end…noooooooooooooo!