QT3 Flickr Group Assignment: Show us your Desk!

Not much action on the QT3 Flickr group lately, so I thought I’d post an assignment that everybody can do: Post a picture of your home workspace, office, computer, desk, etc. For added fun, use the “Add a note” tool to add some, um, notes about what’s in the pic.

I’ve put one up to get us started:

I think it’s weird to keep your daughter’s head under your desk.

I just added some stuff to my desk so I’ll post mine later tonight.

Just at night. We play with it during the day.

Mine was there months ago. Hrose predicted it months ago.

This was in my blog months ago…


But just to be on topic…


Here’s mine. I took the piles of papers I usualy have laying around and threw them in a drawer.

Nothing spectacular.

I would find staring into a 24 inch widescreen spectacular.

Hell, I find the entire right half of that picture spectacular…