Qt3 Forums downtime 5/15/20

We will have some downtime for the forums tonight while we upgrade the backend database to PostgresQL 12.


Upgrade completed at 8:03PM, total downtime 13 minutes.

I will be rebuilding indices and such now which may impact performance, but the forums will stay up throughout.

Wait, it’s already over? That was painless.

You are indeed a mensch, señor.

Kisses, kisses, kisses, HUG!

The beauty of running in a VM is you can just take a snapshot before doing anything potentially destructive. To be honest I didn’t have a ton of confidence in this completing successfully, but if it got borked I could just startup the snapshot and Bob’s your uncle.

Anyway, Discourse switched to PG12 and they weren’t going to support PG10 indefinitely so we had to upgrade or risk getting stuck.

Nicely done. You managed to squeeze it in between my normally incessant visits. I experienced no downtime at all!

Heh. Me too.