Qt3 Freelancer server to be down for the evening

Hey guys,

Just a reminder that I’ll be taking the Qt3 Freelancer server down tonight for Shoot Club. I’ll give anyone on line a warning and plenty of time to finish missions/trade runs/whatever before shutting down. And I’ll have it back online tomorrow morning.


Tom, remind me of the server and p/w please – I have DSL now and am just itchin’ to pirate all ya’ll.

Chase, the server name is qt3 and the password is qt3. It’ll be back up tomorrow morning.

And player damage is enabled. :) Although, I don’t think you can steal another player’s cargo, can you? Yet another ‘wish it was in there’ thing.


I thought you could? Have you tried it? I know they dont lose components, and that you can’t get all their cargo but I could swear they do have a chance of dropping a decent amount of cargo units when destroyed.