Qt3 Games Podcast: Alex Chapman and Faery Tale Adventure

Itinerant Brit Alex Chapman talks about an early rogue-like, a flight simulator, and the unfortunately named Faery Tale Adventure as the games of choice growing up with an Amiga in the house. We also clash so dramatically over his dietary advice that I barely manage to stop myself before comparing him to anti-vaxxers.

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I must admit I had to look up what Itinerant meant. Thanks Tom again for putting this together.

The website by the way that shows you your steam library by time to finish is:



Hoping to dig in and listen sometime this weekend. Oh, how I wish I had a long, podcast-appropriate, yet entirely optional, commute.

I listen while I run.

Speaking of, guess what I’m listening to on my run tonight!

@tomchick The podcast is showing up in the movie podcast section on iTunes.

Tom, it seems you have added this episode to the Qt3 Move Podcast RSS Feed and not the Games Podcast RSS. Also, thanks for another gamescast!

Not to sound pedantic… Okay, I will sound pedantic, but that screenshot is from the Genesis version and not the Amiga one, and to top it off some horrible heretic emulator scaler has been applied to it!

Oops, I pasted the URL into the wrong field in WordPress. It should be fixed now, but who knows how long feed voodoo takes.


It’s all good now, Tom.

I love that, @Left_Empty.

Faery Tale Adventure on the AMiGA was awesome. I probably still have the hand-drawn maps somewhere. Could never get that dragon in the cave killed tho’…

I don’t remember if I liked Faery Tale Adventure or not. Paradroid is quite awesome though. Everybody should play it. Even this remake is acceptable if you cant tolerate the purity of the C64 original.

So in answer to a question Alex asked on the podcast, here’s what I’ve come up with:


It’s two things: 1) absolutely gorgeous, and 2) totally laid back. I 94% guarantee your daughter would like it. It’s a mildly competitive set collection game, but it’s short and simple enough that there’s no brain burning. Tough decisions, sure, but it doesn’t require a lot of analysis. Each set is collected a different way, and the theming of taking a vacation across Japan is beyond reproach. Temples, marketplaces, bathhouses, scenic spots, sumptuous meals in inns, meeting travellers along the road. There’s also a cute variety of characters with unique abilities. An orphan, a warrior, a messenger, a retired old man.

That’s my Official Recommendation ™.


Ordered, I’ll let you know if we both like it. Maybe I will switch to board games in my old age.

Tokaido’s a real pleasure. A couple-few of us have been playing it online together, and a buddy of mine has a copy here in town. Good way to pass time :)

Im going against some grains here:

I think tokiado is dull, but.my girlfriend loves it.

I hated Faery Tale Adventure. It was horrible, slow, and I died lots. Never for a good reason, either, but simply because I walked up to a scarecrow or something. It was basically top down kings quest. Plus, didn’t it have a time limit ot something awful?

Of course I could be misremembering all of this, I waa only about 7 when I first played it.

Well, that’s fine and all, but Alex was asking about a boardgame he could play with his 12 year old daughter. If you don’t think that’s a good recommendation, this is the perfect place to make a better one. :)


I wasn’t disagreeing with it as a recommendation, just disagreeing with @ArmandoPenblades comment that it’s a real pleasure! :) (I’ve yet to listen to the podcast and therefore don’t know what the question or requirements are!)

Hi, Daniel (Alex Chapman’s brother) here. Although Paradroid and Faery Tale Adventure were both very good IMO the greatest games from what was for me the golden age of gaming were omitted. Rocket Ranger, (a mix of different gameplay genres that played like an interactive movie with amazing graphics and sound for its time) and Dungeon Master (the best Dungeons and Dragons-style game I have played on a computer/console) were my two Amiga faves. Also, I am much nicer than one might imagine from the podcast (if I do say so myself) 😀

The company PuppyGames makes some pretty good modernizations of old arcade games and they made a game called Droid Assault, which is inspired by Paradroid. I had never played Paradroid before playing Droid Assault, but it’s a compelling and original framework for a game. It’s like you upgrade your character by jumping bodies. Very neat. If you’re looking to scratch that itch, try Droid Assault.

Loved listening to this. Thanks, guys.

Alex was just asking about what boardgame would I recommend that he could play with his daughter. I’m happy to talk about whether Tokaido sucks – I can understand why a veteran boardgamer might think so – but Official Internet Rules state that you’re not allowed to disagree with a recommendation unless you can swap in your own recommendation. It’s right there in section 3.1.a, third paragraph.