Qt3 Games Podcast: Alexandra Holloway and Don't Starve Together

What do the Curiosity Rover on Mars, Klei’s ingenious survival games, user interfaces, the internet spirit of Christmas, and utter obliviousness to Star Trek have in common? This week’s guest, Alexandra Holloway!

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Awesome podcast!

November 1 is the cutoff for the Secret Santa.

Excellent show @fire. You could have talked twice as long about the JPL and I’d have been tickled. And one of the best parts of kids is great wing your own co op partners. Mine is only 2 1/2 so he firmly is still in ‘put train there daddy’ level, but one day.

He already tried to steal the controller ;)

Hey this is great! I didn’t know anything about fire (and I know this was fire until Tom identified her) and it’s great to hear about the awesome stuff she gets to work on. Unfortunately I can’t really comment about Don’t Starve (Together or otherwise) because, even though I own it I have not yet played it. Someday …

I do enjoy hearing what other parents play with their kids. My son is very into Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, he loves playing co-op with me because I can carry him when he gets bored and puts the controller down (he’s 4, so doesn’t quite have the attention span but is still quite interested in seeing what happens). My daughter who is not quite 2 does not yet have a game she is interested in, but she will watch us when my son and I play something.

Re the boardgame shipwreck scenario:

I’d reprogram the simulation so it’s possible to rescue the ship.

Agreed, it was a great podcast! [quote=“divedivedive, post:4, topic:125914”]
Unfortunately I can’t really comment about Don’t Starve (Together or otherwise) because, even though I own it I have not yet played it.

Same here. It’s one of a growing list of games in my Steam library that I stare at for a while before deciding I don’t feel like learning it right now. It really does look/sound like a game that’d be more fun to play in the same room with someone.

My son loves Don’t Starve as well but we play on PS4. Patiently waiting for Don’t Starve Together to hit the PS4

Similar to Tom I was faced with the choice in Don’t Starve to either use the wiki or stop playing, so I stopped playing. A fraction more in game guidance would have gone a long way for that game - sounds like Shipwrecked may be worth looking at.

Excellent podcast. I loved hearing about Alexandra, and the discussion about gaming with a 7 year old and about Don’t Starve.

I did check into Secret Santa a couple of years ago, and got scared away by @fire when I wanted to somehow secretly do this without my wife finding out that I post online on a message board among a community of people who play games, and fire suggested I tell her I post here. Scary prospect! Though that was a couple of years ago, and since then, my wife has sort of gotten used to the idea that I play games sometimes, and that it’s not the end of the world, and I can be a functional member of society and still play games, and that the two things are not mutually exclusive. But I don’t think I’m at the stage to reveal posting here quite yet. Maybe in another two years or so.