Qt3 Games Podcast: Armando Penblade and Fate Core


This was one of my favo(u)rite Qt3 Games Podcasts.

Apples kept wanting to autocorrect Games to Ganges.


Think I’m going to need a couple stiff drinks before I work up the nerve. I dipped my toes into the forum games earlier this year and I didn’t acquit myself well. I’d probably be a nervous wreck. Still, I don’t know if you play or are interested in the Life is Strange games, but the first episode of the prequel, the one that just came out a month or so ago, has a bit where you can come across a couple people putting an adventure together and they ask you to join in. And you can accept, and kind of wing your way through a D&D type adventure. And I have to say, while it may not be representative of “real” RPG experience, it actually made it seem like a lot of fun. I never really understood before, and I probably don’t now, but I did appreciate it.

Anyway, I just now finished the podcast and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Fun to get a glimpse into an experience I know virtually nothing about. It’s kind of weird, really, how pen and paper RPGs have just eluded me. Funny thing is, I own source books for several games, mainly because they looked interesting and were fun to thumb through. Like, I’ve got a couple GURPS books that provide fictional background and fleshing out of the OGRE and Car Wars universes. They’re pretty cool! I also have a bunch of old Star Trek RPG campaigns that seemed like they’d be fun to play, but alas. I don’t know anyone who ever played that.

But cool stuff, glad I finally made time to listen. I’m so far behind on the games and the movie podcasts and I used to be quite the loyal listener. Back to it!


And while we are on the subject, if you are going to have “Critical Hit!” as a title, the 14 is t working


It’s confusing, but I believe the 20 is showing on top. The picture is just taken from table-level.


Huh. I assumed the camera was looking down.

I feel better now.


I’m now in the midst of planning a Fate-based “SOP.” The local RPG Meetup, RTR, organizes these larger multi-table, multi-GM “Semi Organized Play” campaigns 4 times a year for 3 months apiece, and despite the most popular one, The Contingent (a game about supernatural hunters using the Chronicles of Darkness system), moving up to 4 tables this coming year (allowing for 20 players each week), they don’t expect to be able to meet demand. So, leadership’s been not-so-subtly bugging me to start a “second cycle” of SOPs that run simultaneous to the current 4, but on different nights of the week, to offload some demand and serve different player pools.

So, erm, I decided to do that. I’m recruiting players from the Spaceward, Ho! scifi comedy game I talk about in this podcast to be my co-GMs. Currently we’ve got a big enough pool of GMs to run 2 tables a week, though if anyone else floats interest out to me, we could go up to 3. The game is actually set in that same homebrewed universe, albeit ~250 years before the game I’ve been running. It’s a prequel!

I just finished the first draft of the Player Packet, which covers setting background, character creation, a Fate rules summary, and extra, specialized rules to better convey the scifi-comedy setting. It’s damn near everything you need to run a scifi comedy game all on your lonesome!

Anyway, I’m proud of the document, even though it’s still unfinished, and figured I’d share it on Qt3 because, well, what the hell :)

Tragically, out of respect to the PC game Spaceward, Ho! I didn’t know existed when I first named this setting when I was in high school back in 2004, I have officially renamed the game Seek the Stars!