Qt3 Games Podcast: Astral Chain, Gears 5, Control

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: Astral Chain, Gears 5, Control
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When September 12, 2019

Tom Chick has to remember whether to get a spring, Nick Diamon takes a break from his usual jank, and Jason McMaster takes an executive position in a government agency.

Astral Chain at 2:57, Gears 5 at 12:40, and Control at 38:19…

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McMaster: American Nightmare was not DLC for Alan Wake, it was a standalone XBLA game.

McMaster: American Nightmare sounds like an interesting game though.

Haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, but Tom, you posted it in the Movie category instead of the Game one. This isn’t right, this makes me anxious!

On my way to listen, but I will say that Control is fantastic. What I like best about it is that the, er, control is just so fluid. When you learn new abilities it takes all of about 20 seconds to integrate them into the scheme, and suddenly they’re just as second nature as the abilities you’ve had from the get-go.

Another enjoyable listen on the way home last night. While I have zero interest in Astral Chain, I am way more interested in playing Gears 5 and Control after those glowing endorsements.

Regarding the “retcon” in Gears 5, while it’s obviously a retroactive change the Coalition came up with for the game, it actually slots into the series’ existing “lore” reasonably well. One question I actually always had post-Gears 3, was why Myrrah didn’t look like a Locust, and why she didn’t die from that superweapon at the end of the game. Gears 5 makes all of that make sense

Anyway, glad to see you’re enjoying it. It feels like a return to form for me, after Gears 4 had me wondering if maybe the series needed a long nap.

Shakes, is Gears 4 a must play, if I want to enjoy Gears 5 which seems to be the best of the series so far?

Or can I just watch a Gears 4 video re-cap of events and really not miss out on anything special.

When you start Gears 5, they have a “Previously on Gears” video. I thought it did a good job of catching me up on what was important, and it was only about 30 seconds long, so it didn’t waste my time either.

I think you’d be fine with one of those “Gears 4: The Movie” style cuts on Youtube, if you’re really just more interested in getting into 5. The game itself also plays a quick ~2 min recap of Gears 4 before the opening cutscene, but you obviously miss out on a ton of smaller details there.

The only thing you’d miss from Gears 4 is the very end, where you pilot giant robots and wail on lokusts. Seriously, if the whole game had just been that, I’d never stop playing it.

Is Control the Agents of Mayhem of 2019?

Goodness, no.

Sales-wise, it might be…

It made the list of 23 top selling games of August.

I will have more to say on this very shortly.