Qt3 Games Podcast: Chaos Reborn and Black Ops III

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: Chaos Reborn and Black Ops III
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When November 12, 2015

Tom Chick talks Chaos Reborn with Julian Gollop, who teaches him a thing or two. Gollop also explains that random numbers are random, that there is no place for centaurs, and that, yes, more content is on the way..

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I am surprised Julian didn't include the "luck tracker" or, for that matter, that he doesn't show the actual roll you got. Did he say why?

Also, way to be racist against Bulgaria by calling it "Romania."

In defense of the "wrote a paper in college" trope, for probably a significant part of the audience, the "paper they wrote in college that haunts their dreams" was two nights ago.

How dare he! The proud Bulgarian race won't stand for this ignominy.

Dammit! I finally get Bucharest and Budapest straight and then this happens!

I don't think he said, but I suspect it was just a matter of trying to keep things relatively simple. I do like the idea of showing the roll, however. Did I miss by one point, or by fifty points? For no good reason at all, that sort of thing matters to me.

This was raised as a possibility at one point during development, because we discussed ways of increasing RNG transparency (and reduce the feeling of being "cheated"). I agree, it would be nice to see the roll somewhere, even if it's hidden in the event log.

I've championed this idea a couple of times in the forums but to no avail. My main reasons for wanting to see the roll, is those times I boost by 3-4% and whether that actually made a difference.

The rolls are a bit like gambling a lot of the time, and as tomchick said exactly right, missing by one point or making it by one point does increase the excitement in the game!

I can't see any problems having this as an option as there seems to be a section of players that don't want to see it. So just an on/off would perfect.

Event log would be fine for me, really would!

Love the Can intro.