Qt3 Games Podcast: Cults and Daggers and stuff

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: Cults and Daggers and stuff
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Games podcasts
When February 18, 2015

Jason and Rod Humble settle in, fireside, to discuss Rod's latest game - Cults & Daggers. Along the way, the conversation turns to video and board games..

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High Frontier is my favorite game but it has a serious contender in the form of Here I Stand and some of the COIN series, yes Fire in the Lake is definitely one of them. I just wish I could get six players for that one but the level of commitment for that game is hard to coordinate across a group that size. I also have Virgin Queen desperately waiting. The sequel seems to very good if not better so I really want to see how that plays out.

I love the work and gameplay ideas Rod has brought to his game. I'm definitely in his niche. I picked up an old copy, unpunched even, of SPI's Spies! It's an interesting game about the lead up to WWII and worth a look. It does suffer a touch from being a thirty year old design but it's got some value.

Hey Tom! Thank you! Now I have to go find a copy of Spies! :)

Ancient Hellenic Arkham Horror XX, I'll have to look at this. I do really like complex board games. OCS reluctant enemies is great, a true zen of gaming. I also really like Eklunds designs, Pax Porfirana is great. I've played Andean Abyss but no other Coin.

If we are talking GW franchise games, I think Horus Heresy from FFG is probably the best game not called Spacehulk. Chaos in the Old World is very good too.

I think there's a lot of agreement. If we're putting together a Fantasy Flight top 5 Chaos in the Old World would have a good shot at topping the list