Qt3 Games Podcast: Days Gone, Forza Horizon 4, One Finger Death Punch 2


The level of “douche quotient” in a game is obviously subjective, but I will defend my assertion that Forza Horizon 4 has an above average amount. When one of your side activities is smashing through fences and running roughshod over the English countryside to blast influencer billboards, you’re being a class-A douche.


What’s wrong with Mountain Dew??


I wanted to listen to all your impressions of Days Gone, just because it looks pretty good to me. I’m a little surprised that it’s so looked down on, and Jason almost seems to be apologizing for enjoying it. Now I say this as a guy who has never played The Last of Us or Days Gone, but has watched streams of both. I think The Last of Us has the much more interesting story, I’d watch the movie if it was one. But watching the combat just lost me, I usually ended up tuning out until they got back to the story beats. But Days Gone, while I don’t doubt has a less interesting story to tell, looks like more fun to actually play. But that may be my open world bias showing. I guess I was hoping it would be a little Red Dead, with your trust steed and righting wrongs (or maybe doing some wrongs).


Days Gone’s story obviously isn’t as well told as The Last of Us, but it is pretty interesting and there are some really cool characters. It’s also pretty complicated and tangled and messy where The Last of Us is very straight forward. It’s a lot more concerned with the idea of community where The Last of Us has a razor focus on the individual.

And it is a lot of fun. I love picking apart enemy camps, smashing zombies with a good club and taking down infected Bears. I finally took down my first horde last night. That is a totally nerve wracking, thrilling experience.


Yes, for anyone that got that I dont like the game, I honestly do. I think Deacon is a dong and some of the story beats are lame, but as I said in the cast I really like some of the side characters in this game and enjoy the moment to moment play a good bit


That’s Deacon St. John to you.


FH4 is totally douchey. It’s my main issue with it apart from the weird progression.


Is FH4 that much more douchey than the earlier games? I haven’t gotten to it yet (still playing 3), and they definitely have that weird whippersnapper rave culture thing, but it doesn’t really register with me. I just like driving cars fast.


It’s Test Drive Unlimited type douchiness, as opposed to Need for Speed douchiness. I can’t stand the latter, but the Forza Horizon kind just brushes off me I guess. (And yes dive, it’s pretty much the same level as previous Forza Horizon games).


Maybe it’s the juxtaposition with the setting. It’s easier to stick out as a douche in the English countryside than on an Australian beach.


Aside from the aesthetics of the festival itself (laser lights, etc.), there isn’t really anything “rave-y” about the Horizon games. All of the characters are just relentlessly upbeat, positive, and forgettable. They never even really slip into the hip lingo the kids are using these days.

I’ll be the first person to say the “writing” in those games (such as it is), is completely terrible - but because the narrative of Horizon’s 2 through 4 is borderline nonexistent anyway, it doesn’t really bother me. You have a single cutscene where you meet everyone early, they occasionally chime in on radio to remind you how great you are thereafter, and that’s pretty much it.

I’m more worried about the rumoured Fable reboot Playground are working on, and just hoping they’ve kept the terrible Horizon writers at least 500M away at all times.


I love One Finger Death Punch 2. I prefer the left and right arrow keys to the mourse.

I’m undecided if the music is better than the first, although there is greater variety. Many in game quality of life improvements and more variety.

The new skill tree is a great improvement and thanks for the ranged bastards that stand at the edge of the screen and pepper your with projectiles, I hate them. But not as much as I hate wushu levels. I’m a little sad that the Ball of Death has been nerfed, but I used to screw up all the time chasing it in the original.

I’m still working my way up the Survival Tower, currently on eight. It seems to escalate quite quickly once you beat your previous score.


Isn’t a one finger death punch really more of a death poke though?


What’s wrong with skinny jeans?? I have like 20 pairs.


Finally listening today. Tom, do you really think Bend Studio is in Eugene?

PS: Did you and Jason keep playing? Because you talk about opening the second half of the map, but that was only the second third of the map!


Uh, not anymore. :)

I actually knew there was more down there from the way the map shows topography even if the features are whited out. The map screen itself is a spoiler!

But I’m afraid I haven’t touched it in a few weeks, but not for anything specific to Days Gone. I just haven’t booted up any videogames lately. Besides Two Finger Death Punch 2.



Understood. I will say that at the place you and McMasters were at when you recorded your understanding of the game is incomplete, to say the least. It gets quite a bit crazier, and the last third of the game are in a lot of ways the best, and most interesting part, while also being crazier and glitchier than anything that comes before.

For now, I will say I take issue with the way you both described the second time they show you the flashback of the intro. The whole point of that scene with the business dude who lost was to show that Decon’s plan wasn’t to sneak in and take him out like you might expect, but that his instinct was to try and talk him down. When that fails the guy still only gets shot accidentally as they wrestle over his gun.

I won’t disagree that there are a lot of cutscenes that are clunky or awkward. And the way the game has to load so often to play a cutscene is extremely detrimental to the experience. But I do think a lot of the flashbacks are a lot more interesting and subtle than you’ve given them credit for.


I’m at the beginning of the next map at this point, hoping to finish up pretty soon. I’ve had a good time with it. I think Deacon is just a kind of person that I wouldn’t actually like in real life. That’s probably an issue of mine, but he is also written weird in some places. I overall like the others though, like Iron Mike and Tucker. Interesting side characters.


They have Ditka in the game??


You know, it’s unlikely but it could be him