Qt3 Games Podcast: Death Stranding, Planet Zoo, Jedi: Fallen Order

Hahaha, that and the perfect timing of @Eric_Majkut bit donation right over the final title card.

(I was kind of getting punch drunk at the point that clip was taken)

I refrained from clipping it, as it’s a bit too spoilery, but that was absolutely… priceless, for such a donation.

Seeing that ending, it looks like its worth the effort to play this.

Or you could just take a trip to California and run on the beach, would take a lot less time.

So was that the real credits end game or the one before the extra two hours of exposition I’ve heard about?

If I remember, it’s the second one

I don’t want to bum you down, but it’s probably the 5th you have yet to see.

Gonna finally listen to this tonight on the way home from work. Can’t wait to hear how all 3 of you gents enjoyed your games. ;)

@Jason_McMaster does Death Stranding offer a NG+ option with longer cut scenes?

Good podcast! I figured Planet Zoo was going to turn out just as Nick described it. Death Stranding is just so weird I think everyone needs to experience it for themselves. And as for Jedi Fallen Order, I am glad Tom wants to keep playing, I’ve heard it has a great ending.