Qt3 Games Podcast: Eddy Boxerman and Karmaka

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: Eddy Boxerman and Karmaka
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When January 27, 2016

This week it's a conversation with the creator of a snappy and brutal two-player deck builder on Kickstarter. I'm not usually eager to talk about games that aren't even available yet, but that changed after I played the prototype for Karmaka..

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Will this game teach me more about Eastern philosophy? Also, the last state should always be referred to as "Jackman," such as "getting to Jackman" or "I'm gonna Jackman."

Also, it sounds like the Longevity card is straight out of the Tree of Life scene in The Fountain.

Cold War is getting harder to find at a reasonable price. I like the CIA vs KGB theme better but Fantasy Flight did do a Star Wars rerelease of the game. There's some refineing(?) of the system as it changed subject.

I enjoyed the anecdote about the game's title. Remember, if title quality is a concern, you can always make up for it with title quantity!

Karmaka Origins: From Dung Beetles to Demigods - A Game of ReinCARDnation

Typo correction: "Sid Sacks"

I liked the discussion about stretch goals and it is kind of nice to have a project where the stretch goals aren't going to delay the project because all of a sudden the project has gotten exponentially larger.

Tom, there are multiple copies of the game on BGG for under ten dollars!