Qt3 Games Podcast: Hawkeye Fierce and Steel Panthers

Talk me into buying the CD version.

I think I need the higher resolution you get from that version. When I first tried this last March, I still had a CRT. It looked fine. Now I’ve got a big LCD monitor. I can sometimes get away with 800x600 on retro games. But the graphics in winSPWW2 seemed very busy when I tried it last night. Too pixelated when zoomed in, and hard to see anything when zoomed out. Plus it uses edge scroll, which makes it difficult to use windowed mode.

Just to confirm: 1600x1200 makes the field of view wider, right? Care to take a screenshot so I can compare?

I know niche wargame pricing is a tricky subject, and I hate paying $40 in an era of Steam sales when there’s a free low-resolution version available. But I predict I’ll really dig into this game. Maybe it’s worth it.

If you know for a fact you enjoy the game and are going to play a couple campaigns, I think it’s definitely worth the price for the upgrade to the CD version. I’m still playing the game occasionally, it really is overwhelming how much content you get.

I’m going to break the thread, but here is a quick screenshot I grabbed for ya. This is 1680x1050.

I don’t have any problems reading the text but the icons on the right are a bitch. I have no idea what the pictures are supposed to be, I just know what button does what after playing for so many months.

So yea, $40 is a lot and I’m hesitant to urge anyone to pay that much for something they can play for free, but I’ve got my money’s worth if that helps at all.

That looks pretty good. Like I said over PM, the tile graphics are very pixellated (I guess because they were designed for CRTs running 800x600). The extra field of view helps though.

I noticed last night they have widescreen support (like your screenshot). That makes me even more excited. It’s too bad fullscreen mode requires a hack to shut down explorer and restart it automatically. I wonder if there’s a generic borderless window utility that might help me run in windowed mode.

Either way, I think it’s worth the investment.

Just wanted to pop in and mention this looks great at 1920x1200. The text is easily readable with my corrected vision. I haven’t played long enough to know whether it will induce eye strain though. It may still be a problem due to the sharp, small graphics.

The full version still doesn’t properly re-enable Explorer when quitting from fullscreen. It brings up file explorer instead. I’ll go try my borderless window utility (ShiftWindow).

[EDIT] ShiftWindow doesn’t help because you have to run it at “desktop” resolution, and windowed mode automatically shrinks to fit. I can’t use ShiftWindow to run full screen borderless.

I fixed the issue by running the .CMD file directly. It seems to restore Explorer properly, whereas running it from the Game Options launcher did not.