Qt3 Games Podcast: July 19th update

…and we’re back. Well, we will be when the next episode posts in a week. But the Qt3 Games Podcast is going to undergo a slight change.

Firstly, I’ve posted the guest list of guests, past and future, right here. A few quick points about the list:

  • If you’ve PMed me and your name is NOT on that list, then I screwed up. Let me know and I’ll make sure you get on the list in the right place. The names are arranged in the order that people volunteered, so if you let me know when you contacted me, I can figure out where you belong.

  • If you want to be on the list and you haven’t contacted me, then post in the master list thread. Alternatively, you can PM me or email me or call me on the phone or leave a comment at Fidgit or send a carrier pigeon. Get in touch with me somehow and I’ll make sure your name is added to the master list. The podcast is open to everyone. It doesn’t matter how much you post or even if you’ve gotten around to posting yet. If you’re a member of our community, I want you on the podcast.

Now you might look at the list and think, “Holy cats, that’s a long list! It’ll never get around to me before the world ends in 2012 as foretold by the Aztecs!” And you might be right except for one thing:

Every other week, there will be an opportunity to jump ahead in the queue. I’ll be posting a request for someone to come on to the podcast to talk about a specific recent game. If you’re playing that game and you’re willing to talk about it, you can PM me within 24 hours. The highest person on the list to PM me gets to go ahead of his spot in line. This will serve two purposes: it will mix up contemporary games with the classics, and it will mix up the order of the guest list.

Also, keep in mind that the game you pick or that you volunteer for is just a jumping off point. The discussion can range as far and wide as you like.

Finally, I just want to remind everyone that we don’t have to talk about you personally. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know many of you on the podcast, but it’s not a requirement. If you’re not comfortable talking about personal things, that’s totally cool. The podcast is about letting you talk about what you want to talk about.


Sweet Flowers is on there, it’ll be nice to have a name to match to the madness, now we just need JMJ to sign up.

Will the talking about a recent game be an additional podcast, or will it still be “the one games podcast that week?” In other words, will the list go by quicker because you’ll be doing two games podcasts every other week, or will it still take the same amount of time to get through the list, the order will just jumble up a bit?

Also - I’ve already been on, but it was fun and I’d love to talk about a recent game again sometime. So if you’ll let people who have already been on go back on the list (at the bottom of all the people who already queued up, naturally), please stick me on there. :)

No, no, it’ll still be a once-a-week podcast. It’s just that every other week, I’ll be deciding the game from among recent releases and taking any volunteers from lower down on the list.


Did you consider having two guests for the recent games podcast? While that won’t have the same vibe as the previous ones, it will let you get more people in and have a wider perspective on the game in question (potentially).

Yeah, I’d love to do another one some time, but certainly not at the expense of someone who hasn’t been on yet. Keep a list of repeat offenders at the ready if you need it, though.

Thanks for the list. It will help stage-fright build slowly over weeks instead of being a mystery that could show up at any time. Looking forward to my turn, though.

You won’t necessarily get a name. Some people have been a little coy about that. Besides, you can easily find Flowers’s name if you do a little digging… It’s not like he’s been hiding his yen for standup comedy from us.

Glad to hear the podcast is coming back. I tend to radically time shift listening to the Qt3 podcast based on my interest in whatever the topic game is, but I’m glad to hear the show will keep going. I’ve found the discussions about the people who are participating to be at least as interesting as the game discussion itself.

Ah, okay. I enjoy listening to and learning about the other forum members, and their take on games, so much that I’d love to hear it more often. :)

Anyway, if you can “re-up” me on the bottom of the list, I’d love to come on again. Of course, giving all the first-timers their chance to sign up first. I know it would be like, 2012 before I got my turn, but maybe the “skip ahead for a recent game” thing will get me in there sometime next year.

Does one have to be on the list already to move up and talk about a more recent game?

When the call goes out every other week for a recent game, the person highest on the list who volunteers will be given the slot. So if you’re not even on the list, you’ll only get the slot if no one else volunteers.

Also, if your turn comes up and you get cold feet or you’re busy or whatever, it’s no problem if you need to delay your turn or even if you decide you want to back out. None of this is mandatory. The list is just to keep things somewhat orderly. It’s not a commitment.


Sorry I meant to type voice.

Oh crap, Tom got my PMs. Now I’ve got to settle on something to talk about, but fortunately looks like I’ve got about six years to work on that.

I would like to mention for clarification, I am no longer Jon_Danger, but Jon Rowe, so that when the time comes for the torch to be passed upon I, I will not be overlooked.

I know this is going to sound odd, but it’d be awesome to hear more croc stories.

So far, as a result of these podcasts I’ve ended up buying both Dead Space, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R (which was indirectly referenced in the Pirates! podcast from memory).

Now that we’ve restarted the podcast, I’m changing the process a bit. Rather than force everyone into this impossibly long queue, I’m going to change up the process. Folks doing game diaries for the front page will have the option to move up in the queue. But for the most part, I’ll be drawing names randomly. I’ve updated the official thread accordingly.


About two or three weeks ago, I started working the night shift. I’m only busy for part of that shift, so I needed something to do in the lulls between 1am and 3am. So I started catching up on all the Qt3 podcasts that I’d missed since the summer when you were talking about Dead Island a lot.

The Dead Island podcasts were really great. I also liked that you talked about the same game for multiple weeks back then. After that, when games like Arkham Asylum came out, you talked about it briefly on one podcast and then started saying “I think we’ve covered that enough” in subsequent episodes. No you haven’t! Same with Skyrim too, really. You’ve mentioned it here and there, but really only discussed in depth on one podcast. It’s not the same as the Dead Island era of the podcast, where you covered it before it was out, then when it was out, and then covered it some more. I miss those days.

I’ve caught up to the present podcast, and am still working the night shift until March. But recently you had Bill Abner on, and I enjoyed listening to the 3 of you so much, I looked into the Jumping the Shark podcast. I started from episode 43, where Tom was a guest, and downloaded everything up to the current podcast (they’re up to 104 now, I think).

I really like the Jumping the Shark podcast. It reminds me a lot of the Qt3 games podcast. Not just because Tom is on there a lot so far, but also just because the way they talk about the games is very similar.

Plus, I got into the end of the year lists for last year, and it was sooooooo nice to hear a group of people talking about how great Bioshock 2 turned out to be. The community here at Qt3 who gave Bioshock 2 a fair shot is so small (me, Tom, Pogo, and a few others) that it was nice to hear someone else who loved it and articulated it repeatedly at the end of the year podcasts from last year.