Qt3 Games Podcast: Nawid A and Modern Warfare 2

Me and Nawid talk about Infinity Ward’s latest and greatest (?) shooter. All three elements of it. Plus that mission. Plus, I’m totally out of my element trying to have a conversation about comic books.

Also, listen for your chance to win a copy of Left 4 Dead 2, which you probably already have, so it’ll make a great holiday gift. And congratulations to nabeel for winning last week’s contest.

Next week: Gordon Cameron and the Ultima series…

Ugh, I blame the stuttering early on the fact that I was being interrupted by texts and a very annoying individual during the recording. I’m pretty happy my shooing off didn’t come through the mic.
Love Tom’s confusion as soon as I mentioned Grant Morrison.
Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men is really good (thanks Wholly Schmidt!).
I found the eventual reveal of my playing it on PS3 pretty funny. I felt rather exposed.
Kudos to whoever spots my incredibly awkward Sunny in Philadelphia reference. Incredibly awkward.
As soon as we stopped recording, I started up MW2 and the #1 guy on the opposite team was rocking Akimbo Shotguns.
Apparently, the snowmobile mission with the flags is easier with two people because you can just individually split up the flag colors.
I should mention that the ending of No Russian had me disappointed that the game didn’t get a real double agent element.

But cheers to Tom. He makes it pleasant.

Oh and here’s my class in which I was tearing ass with before my PS3’s online got borked:
AUG w/ Grip
Stopping Power Pro/Sleight of Hand Pro/Steady Aim Pro
Final Stand as the Death Perk
Killstreaks are Air Drop, Harrier, Chopper Gunner.

The philosophy behind it is to basically use the perks to give the benefit of the assault rifles to the AUG. So the best of both worlds with a lot of ammo, a lot of range, quick damage, and excellent for strafing. When I was rolling with most other guns, 3 opponents all straight ahead looking right at me would mean I could take one, maybe two out at most. Now I can mow down an entire squad pretty easily which makes me quite deadly in Domination.

Grant Morrison was great on Saturday Night Live!


That would certainly be an interesting episode.

Especially if he wrote his own sketches.

And was allowed to trip balls the entire time.

Like anyone could stop him.

Yay. Hope we can continue to bounce between modern/console stuff and old hardcore nerd games.

I knew that when you called the X-Men villain “Mag-net-o” in a recent podcast. That it is alright Tom because the QT3 podcasts have been entertaining.

‘Wildcard, bitches’ gave me a chuckle.

Listening to the podcast now. Fascinating. I had no idea comic books came out on a weekly basis. How much do they cost? I always assumed comic books were a huge money-sink, but perhaps it is a more expensive hobby than I gave it credit for if comics come out every week.

Usually $2.99 or $3.99 per issue.

Or you can wait for trades, hardcover or omnibus editions that include multiple issues that cost less overall. For example, the entire Joss Whedon run on Astonishing X-Men can be bought for $48.

I’m disappointed how excruciatingly short the discussion on “No Russian” was. But I also understand, I think. I remember after I played that level, not only did I feel bad, I stopped enjoying the other games I was playing too. I was playing Forza 3, and Dragon Age, and not enjoying them anymore, because I was thinking of No Russian. In order to free myself from that hold, I had to make a conscious decision to stop thinking about that level, and to stop discussing it online (so that I would stop thinking about it). It was only after the complete purge that I was able to start enjoying games again a few days later.

Thanks again Tom. Nice episode as usual. When are you recording these podcasts, are they much in advance of posting them? And how are you managing the time to record so many different podcasts now?

Another good episode. You did just fine Nawid, I didn’t notice any interruptions in flow.

It doesn’t take much time at all. I think of it as little different from just chatting with a friend on the phone. That’s the case with these games podcasts, the movie podcast, and Troy’s Three Moves Ahead. It’s just hanging out on Skype with buddies.

As for how far in advance we’ve been recording, it’s totally up to the person I’m talking to. Nawid’s recording was done maybe a week or five days ago.


I have to agree with you both that the game too heavily favors the more advanced players in multiplayer. One of the smartest things IW did in the first MW was make the best gun (M16) available right from the start. Now, you’re nearly 30 levels in before you find a really solid assault rifle.

We recorded last Friday.

Similarly, the Forza episode was recorded the saturday before it went up.

Good job on the podcast guys. I appreciate the game play tips Nawid. When I start playing online I will be able to claim complete nub status, because I skipped Modern Warfare 1, though I am a total Gears of War 2 junky so hopefully with your tips I won’t get completely slaughtered online.

I don’t think the later unlocks are that great. The SCAR unlocks at level 9, the FAMAS I found better then the M16 and you get right away. The ACR I find to be really awesome, which is level 49, but that doesn’t seem to be a universal view. Can’t speak to any other weapon classes because I think ARs are really the only choice in MW2, which kind of sucks. Had plenty of cause to use SMGs and shotguns in the first. Cold Blooded is the only really useful perk that’s unlocked relatively late(25). You can unlock the red dot, silencer and grenade launcher for any weapon in a few games, the only other attachment that’s really useful that comes later is the heartbeat sensor.

The two things that I guess really gives the edge to advanced players is the Pro perks, which are just plain better then the basic ones, and the kill streak rewards, since you really need both the attack helicopter/harrier and Pave Low to have a full arsenal. Those can take even longer to get if you pick something dumb like precision airstrike or stealth bomber early

Now that I’ve replied in this thread, I am obligated to actually listen to the podcast so I know what I’m responding to

When will you be on to talk about all the crazy alligator shit that you do? :P

It’s like the time I interviewed Shakira and she wanted to talk about her music and I wanted to ask her about her appearance. You’ll get 30 minutes of Tom going: “Mmm, mmm, yeah, yeah, sure. Now the croc in Black Water, was that…?”