Qt3 Games Podcast: notatiger and Team Fortress 2

ewww, life of pi

Thanks to the snow I’m all caught up on podcasts now. I liked this one a lot when it was about Kirby Canvas Curse. I believe notatiger said “Kirby Canvas Curse” and Tom said “Hmmm.” Good times. Then it was all Kratos bashing that I couldn’t really get behind. He’s like the Jack Bauer of Greece. Come on!

Also hey is Sim City 4 really not good? I don’t think I’ve played a city builder since 3000 but I kind of want to. What’s the new hotness?

This podcast did make me want to play TF2 for the first time in years. It’s pretty impressive how much they’ve added. I think if I played the game a lot it would be hard to complain about giving Valve a few dollars given all of the work that’s still going into a five year old game. Compare it to a game like Demigod that is only two years old and completely dead. I wish I could give those guys $2.50 for a new champion or map.

So anyway I mostly played medic back then and I still think it’s a lot of fun. I don’t really remember if the game always did this but I like how it shows the word bubbles with the current health of people calling for a medic so I know who to ignore. I also want one of those fancy guns that gets a faster uber charge. I died a bunch of times with a charge in the high 90s, that gun would have been nice.