Qt3 Games Podcast: potent potables

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: potent potables
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When July 13, 2011

On this week's Qt3 Games Podcast, we get into issues like the pros and cons of potions, the weirdest way to level up your dude, and the role of pornography in videogames..

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Penny Arcade comic for Shadow Hearts:

Also, stop using that picture for The Witcher 2. The drinking animation is hilariously broken.

RPGs don't do drinks.

Ah yes, the hysterical boss fights against the other witcher dude. I don't know what difficulty you guys were playing on but I didn't get touched more than once or twice on Normal only to be presented with hilarious cut scenes that didn't reflect the fight at all. Just another irritation with that game.


I don't know right off, but probably normal. I just wasn't playing smart. Once I got the pattern down and stopped trying to just swing like crazy, I kicked his ASS.