Qt3 Games Podcast: racing the sun

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: racing the sun
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When August 7, 2013

This week Tom Chick talks to the San Filippo brothers about their hypnotically cool Race the Sun, an endless runner that's not just an endless runner. And it's always an interesting game-of-the-week session when two of the three games are entirely out of the blue..

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Is this a screenshot from the Mummy Returns?

I don't like these Logan's Run type games but I enjoy playing this one. You said there is one about jetpacks?

And I definitely recommend people check out the demo of the Gorgonzola game: http://www.gorogoa.com/

Follow that sun!

Argh, argh, argh! 'A Ride Into the Mountains' is amazing. Thank you for recommending it!

You start each level thinking "this is impossible" and end it thinking "I AM A GOD!". So good.

with a score chase game an important feature is lording it over your friends when you beat their score. If there were a message you could send your friends to let them know you had beaten their score and you could pay say 5c to add a 'skin' to the message to make it sting a little more would that be an offensive micro payment?