Qt3 Games Podcast: Rich Romano and Jumpgate

Does Rich live in Florida for the reasons he says he lives in Florida, or because he was run out of New York for allegedly causing a riot while protecting a pinball machine? You decide. We’ll also talk about dumbed-down superhero games, Tim Curry, birds, and a dead MMO that might not actually be dead.

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Awesome podcast episode. :)

Man, I really miss Jumpgate. I played the hell out of that back when it was really rolling. I was ‘Varg’, also in New Dawn- what a great bunch of pilots.

@RichVR you are quite the entertaining fellow. Highly enjoyable episode, and I could listen to Rich bouncer stories as a weekly feature.

As an added bonus for me, Rich is one of those guys who has a webcam slaved to his Skype account. So I got to watch him while he talked! I even got to see his Muppet looking dog after we recorded!


I just got to start of the discussion on Jumpgate, but I’ve already loved this podcast for the bird story (omg birds are expensive!), the bouncer story, the Prodigy love story, the explanation for why Rich doesn’t go to theaters anymore and the short discussion on 3 men in a boat. I’ve read the book To Say Nothing of the Dog. I’ll have to go back and track down the actual 3 men stories myself sometimes. I had no idea there was a movie as well.

I’ll definitely make time to listen to this and hear more Rich stories. Always a good time.

I turn on this episode expecting the usual dose of gaming esoterica and pedantry, and instead get a series of interesting stories and an action sequence in the form of a bouncer barfight. And then, I get the esoterica too! What a bargain. Great episode!

Thanks for the kind comments folks.

@tomchick I wish I could have gotten Gizmo to come over. The dog you saw, Max, is our emergency backup dog. Gizmo is our primary dog. :)

In other words, you couldn’t log in to your main, so you showed me your alt.


+1. Like. Upboat. Indeed. :)

It was a great listen. Excepting for the horrible noise at the beginning and the end.
I concur with SweetJP, we don’t need no stinkin’ game talk anymore on such podcasts!