Qt3 Games Podcast: Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Games podcasts
When December 5, 2014

This week, Jason is joined by adventure gaming legends Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. The discussion turns from Thimbleweed Park to classic adventure games, WoW, and how Ron shamed Jason as a child..

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Thanks to Brandon and Jason for doing such an awesome job with the Games podcast!

Thanks for doing this, Jason. I didn't even know about this project.

Let me throw my thanks in as well - I'm a lifelong adventure game fan and it was great to listen to these guys talk and also find out they're working on something new! Definitely going to pick it up.

PS Jason - if you can get Steve Meretzky on one of these podcasts you'd be a personal hero, for reals.

Excellent episode, McMaster. Very comfortable, very entertaining! What a couple of great guys to hang out and chat with.

I'm not a fan of adventure games, but I've always enjoyed these interview podcasts. Keep them coming!