Qt3 Games Podcast: so QuakeCon happened

Tom Chick has tales from QuakeCon, where the men are nerds and the horses are uneasy. Jason McMaster, who hasn’t seen Zoo, thinks it’s all very funny. Also, The Sims, Brink, Fallout: New Vegas, League of Legends, and Hard Reset. Yeah, that’s right. Hard Reset! Listen here.

Darn it… Meant to go to quake con in hopes of meeting you again, and seeing skyrim. Oh well.

And Tom, can you freakin’ believe how Daft Punk didn’t even get an Oscar or Golden Globe nomination for TRON Legacy? And instead the actual win went to the drab, obnoxious, aimless, abrasive score of The Social Network.
People suck.

Funny, I enjoyed both TRON and Social Network soundtracks just about equally in very different ways.Looking forward to watching and hearing Hanna too.

Am I the only one that muttered “-baiter” under his breath every single time Tom or Jason says “McMaster”? I can’t help it, it’s a compulsion.

Nope, but I can’t claim to be compulsion free: I still have a hankering for a Chicken McMaster.

It’s my own fault, how would anyone know? I don’t speak much in the way of spanish, but… my nick is pronounced mōno. Moe-no. It’s spanish for monkey.

Also, now I hate Brink’s unlocks even more. I finally dinged 20, and didn’t realize that meant I couldn’t earn any more unlock credits. There appear to be a limited number of unlock tokens. So certain abilities are closed to my character. I have to make a second dude to try the firing while wounded ability. Blarg.

I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, so I don’t know the context, but I decided to look up “Zoo”.

If Pinyan hadn’t died that day, not only would bestiality still be legal in Washington State, but here, near the shores of Oak Harbor, an engineer who worked on the most complex machine in the history of the world would be practically married to a horse, a descendant of the dominant means of transportation for centuries.


I’m not sure if I should laugh, or cry. Both, maybe?

I want to be a lieutenant of the Painkiller fanclub. Love(d) that game to little gib-sized pieces and have been eager to get my hands on Hard Reset ever since I first read about it. I kind of had a touch of that anticipation going for NecroVisioN and Bulletstorm but this feels like the real deal.

I was happy to hear that diversion into Alpha Protocol territory. It’s a game that just didn’t get a fair shake.

A lot of the hate revolves around the combat, which is decidedly an old fashioned stats affair disguised as an action game. Which is what I think might have hurt it. It might have looked like an action game but with each attack you can almost hear the dice roll.

I often tell people who disliked it for the combat but liked everything else, to go back and make sure they choose one or two weapons only and give it another shot. The combat isn’t so bad but all the power comes from the higher tiers.

And also, if played on the 360, install the game! I rarely encounter the bugs that others are hit with and the only thing I do differently is that I install everything.

Another thing…good job in making me want to play Painkiller again! Hard Reset certainly has my attention.