Qt3 Games Podcast: Some Men's Sky

So is No Man’s Sky finally good? We can’t reach a consensus, so we might have to impanel again after the next update.

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@tomchick if you want to get to farming and vehicles, follow the ‘Awakenings’ questline a few steps. ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ is the part where it starts rewarding you all the necessary blueprints.

And a correction: there are four alien races, not three. :)

And a tip: press B on the galactic map to toggle to a free-flight mode, where you can move around the map directly with sticks and triggers. Discovered systems are highlighted with circles.

I guess it speaks for the “exciting” nature of the game how unenthusiastic this podcast was.

Nice reverb though!

Love seeing more game podcasts back on here again Tom. Missed McMaster and you shooting the s***.

Still listen to your older episodes in which you interview members of the community once in a while. Some day ill make a list with my Top 10. Bet you cant wait.


P.S.: Im with you on No Mans Sky. Love to drill (teeheehee) down that whole techtree now.

While I do admit NMS is better than it used to be, the grind will eventually force me to stop playing.

Also, what’s going on with the sound in this episode?

I’m with Nick on Empyrion, it sounded interesting so I looked it up - yep, 2 hours already played on Steam.

That game’s title sounds like one of those unnecessary Dan Simmons sequels.

These guys are dead to me until I see another McMasterpiece Theater.

I should also revisit Empyrion, it’s had some big milestones of late.

I saw this image and I was like “Oh, yeah. I did play this. I remember it!”

But I was mistaken. I was thinking of Space Engineers, which I have also played for a few hours.

They all just blend together!

That was my point! I think there are a number of games like No Man’s Sky, but for various reasons, No Man’s Sky has accrued all sorts of weird hype about some supposed exceptionalism. I feel that’s only partly deserved.