Qt3 Games Podcast: summer hump

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: summer hump
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When July 17, 2013

This week we talk about how we're getting past that summer hump of no new releases. Our games of the week are all old standbys, some older than others..

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Elections in fantasy worlds are just wrong. It's supposed to be about House Rowallia conspiring against House Tharn to ruin the impending marriage to the Emperor's daughter, and so forth.

One of the many many ways that Guild Wars 2 is more progressive than other fantasy worlds and MMOs!


Nice to have you on the Podcast again McMaster, albeit somewhat... bored. :)

Its beautiful to hear your really leaning away from the timesink grindbombs and picking up LOL again. Its just quite the difference isnt it? The thrill of playing in a team with friends against other teams.

Its also heartwarming to hear how much you have grown as a person since i heard you the first time years ago. I guess Tom didnt even realize that he was the laugh the whole episode long.

Achievement unlocked btw. for getting back in @1:22:48 without having a clue what you was responding too with that genuinely sounding: Oh Yeah?

btw Dean Hall, the developer of DayZ was already working at Bohemia on Arma3 multiplayer, when he released the mod as a sideproject. Thought i'd nitpick. Ah feel all better now.

Haha, thank you!

I was so worn out last night. I've been working a very early shift at my job (helping out with some emergency overflow stuff instead of my normal admin/programmer stuff) and was just BEAT last night.

Thank you, again!

Tom I know you don't like to play beta's or mods. I would love to read an article or even series from you where you pick a few popular beta's and mods and play them and write about your experience. I wonder if it would strengthen your distaste for playing these things or if you would be more open to other mods and betas. I'd also like to hear your thoughts on things you otherwise would never play or write about it.

Think about it Tom!

Every time I hear you guys talk about GW2 I want to get into it. Is it one of those games that somebody can join, even months after its release and initial rush of players, and still have a good time? Or would I be way behind the curve, like I would be if I started playing an FPS with gun/perk unlocks months after everybody already unlocked all their gear?

It's absolutely easy to jump into! There are people constantly playing alts, the leveling is fast, and the dynamic world stuff adjusts itself to player population. It's also well suited to casuals playing with their less casual friends, given how the level scaling works.

Dude, get Guild Wars 2 if you have any interest in fantasy, RPGs, action games, action RPGs, or just good games. You won't regret it.

It's mostly a matter of available time. My thinking is that I have plenty of finished games to play for the time being, so I can wait on betas to be complete before I slip them into the rotation. That's mostly what's going on with Day Z. But it does kill me to hear people talk about it! I'm really eager to try it at some point. By the way, that's why it took me so long to try Minecraft. That thing had been going strong for probably well over a year before I gave it a shot.

As for mods, I'd certainly be open to recommendation. I've spent a lot of time with the Civ IV mods Dune Wars and Fall from Heaven. I played Skyrim on the 360, so I didn't get the chance to try any mods for that.

What would you recommend?

Just as I said on the podcast! Vindicated!



The automatic shotgun in CS was the noob-toob before COD. Not be confused with the auto-noob, the automatic sniper rifle. I don't know if there is an earlier example but it is the first one I saw.

I was worried about the same thing after having only played during the first month. I picked back up again 2 weeks ago after Tom started talking about it regularly and there is plenty of action in all the zones I have visited. I'm glad I am back into it and you won't regret trying it.

Well to be honest I don't play many betas either, but with their rising prevalence and the whole "early access" thing Steam is doing I would like to hear more about people's experience.
I can say a game like Skyrim, which has more promise than delivery in terms of game design, becomes a much better game once you fix some of the game's design shortcomings through mods. I know you already hosted an article covering that here, although it was not written by you.
Still, I am sure there are some people out there who could recommend some betas to try.
The only game still in beta that I am playing now is Kerbal Space Program and it is a blast.