Qt3 Games Podcast: surviving Duke Nukem Forever

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: surviving Duke Nukem Forever
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When June 22, 2011

Tom Chick and Jason McMaster, both recovering from having to write Duke Nukem Forever reviews, float a new format for your approval. Bear with us as we dude-bro our way through picks for news story of the week, post of the week, and game of the week..

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Man, this dudebro thing is everywhere. This is the birth of a meme that will truly rival the lolcats.

No second episode of Chick and McMasters? I give this podcast an F-- just because of that.

Ha, I'm glad someone remembers that! Unfortunately, we're waiting for the right script before we continue the series. We didn't want to just jump into something for the money. But stay tuned!

A podcast? Boo. Text plz!


Podcast was good but I feel that the title and image presented in the blog post are a bit misleading about the content.

I guess I was expecting a discussion of Duke Forever but the podcast suddenly ended after what felt like an extended introductory section. Which is fine, just not what I expected.

I would have loved a QT3 Movie Podcast-style dissection of Duke Forever with the news, post and game of the week serving as an intro but I can understand that this might not be fun to record or the role of this podcast.

Otherwise I enjoyed it.

I finally got a chance to listen to this -- great podcast! I'm really looking forward to hearing you guys every week.