Qt3 Games Podcast: the first day of E3

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: the first day of E3
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When June 10, 2014

You've seen the press briefing dog-and-pony shows that open E3. Now listen to the erudite commentary. And when you're done with that, come listen to Tom Chick and Aaron Vaughn chat..

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That screenshot hurts, Tom.

Did I space out or is there a weird temporal jump in the conversation at somewhere near the 8 minute mark?

Rats, the stupid recording software ate about fifteen minutes of our conversation about Sunset Overdrive. The good news is that the podcast is now shorter!

You and me both, brother. :(

As the most of the internet has declared Last guardian dead, I suggest everyone follows suit to avoid imminent disappointment.

poor sunset overdrive. i would have gladly sacrificed any mention of entwined to get it back

Nice Podcast. Just to let you guys know, LittlebigPlanet 3 is not being developed by Media Molecule. MM stated they weren't going to be at the conference, and Littlebigplanet 3 is being developed by Sumo Digital. Media molecule has made statements in the past that they don't want to work on Littlebigplanet anymore. They are currently working on a new IP.

Tom, glad to hear you joined the current console generation. So Watch Dogs did it huh?

Tom got a PS4! Is this the first mention? Maybe I missed something. You should post something. Resogun?

Also, great podcast, Aaron was fantastic. You guys had just the right amount of snark.

thanks for the warm response, scott - glad i didn't end up irritating someone for 2 hours

i agree that tom should post something about his new ps4. maybe he wants to talk about the playroom

thanks for the fact-checking joe. that settles some of the iterative decisions that seemed out of character for a post-tearaway media molecule

What the...no love for Vanquish? I adored that thing.