Qt3 Games Podcast: the GDC debrief

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: the GDC debrief
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When March 14, 2012

Soren Johnson (not literally pictured) is the ruthlessly calculating mastermind behind one of the most hideously effective time sinks since actual civilization: Civilization IV. You might think such a fellow is too high-brow and dignified for the likes of us..

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Plants vs Zombies taught me how to play RTS games. The idea of timings and build orders made no sense to me until I stopped to think about how I was playing PvZ. The timing of the first zombie is always the same so I can get x flowers out. If I plant a potato mine when it is n squares in it will be ready as soon as the zombie hits.

That was Qui-Gon who attempted a jedi mind trick on Watto, not Obi-Wan! Though in either case the end result would have been the same, Toydarians being Toydarians and all.

The "what SPI stand for" line was super funny! Thanks Tom

You've really never seen Sullivan's Travels? It's excellent - holds up well.