Qt3 Games Podcast: the greatest game of all time

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: the greatest game of all time
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When August 28, 2013

Brandon Cackowski-Schnell and Tom Chick explain why Saints Row IV is the greatest game of all time. Which you might not understand if you haven't played it. We'll try not to spoil it too much..

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The greatest game of all time?
Jeez, I don't think it's even in my top 10 of the year.
The writing is awful, the humor is puerile and the controls are mushy.


Saints Row IV GOAT? Lol. You overrated that game so much. It's not that good. I'm sure he'll give GTA V a 1/5, but Saints Row IV is the GOAT.... It's such a silly game.

99.9% of games are silly. Saints Row is one of the few that actually realizes this and just rolls with it. That is its genius.

I'm bummed Rebecca Sanabria is no longer providing Female Voice 3. She was hands down my favourite.

How serious or silly a game is has absolutely no bearing on whether it's good or bad, smart or stupid.

If you need games to be po-faced and faux-serious, I suggest you deal with whatever insecurity makes you need videogames to validate your interest in them instead.

Quite surprised by all the love for this franchise. I played Saints Row 3 for about four hours before I was bored out of my mind.

Having never played a Saints Row game, hearing all this love for the franchise makes me want to play the series from the very first entry all the way to the end.

A Quarter to Three pledge drive? If I pledge at the fifty dollar level, do I get a Quarter to Three tote bag?

I really like the game, but I think Total Biscuit's review of it is the most balanced I have read. (or watched, in his case.)

Goats can be silly. They eat junk.

Excited but not finished with the game yet, going to listen when I do, should not be long now.

I don't.

I think people are going to be overly hard on this game because it's not overly grounded in what they know. TotalBiscuit has been hard on Saints Row since the Third, mostly because it's just not Saints Row II again. I like him, but sometimes his more mundane tendencies show through. He's fun, but he's hardly the most interesting person in the world. Thus his habits tend to fit that.

He prefers more usual games, whenever you give him something unusual to review, it'll throw him to some degree. I still remember that the only reason he was okay with Primal Carnage was because he was loopy on meds at the time.

Not to say that I don't like his reviews, I do. I just don't find him to be the most interesting person I've known of.

I really hope this won't be taken as an attack, because you have to realise the truth in this. Alongside people like, say, Elon Musk he's actually quite boring. Fun, in his own way, but boring. So he didn't really get into Saints Row IV as much as Tom did, or as much as I did.

I'm soulsick and world weary myself, I won't deny it. I've an old heart, and my topics of the day are often admittedly very romantic ones. I'm kind of a romantic futurist, so I'm all for anything that goes beyond our standard. I dig superhero games for that reason, I guess.

Miring oneself in reality and the doldrums is for the young.

In some ways this game represents one of my favourite periods of history -- the '80s. Everything was possible in the '80s, and it was possible with cheese. Time travel and ridiculous Sci-Fi were huge. I think that compared to the '80s, '90s, and even the early '00s, we've become so much less romantic and creatively inclined. To me, stuff like Grand Theft Auto is gaming's equivalent of Nascar, rather than Pan's Labyrinth.

Lately though we've had warm, lovely stories like Gone Home, we've had unusually cruel experiences (but not meant in a bad way) like Shelter, and entirely insane and ungrounded experiences like Saints Row IV. It seems that we're breaking out of this rut we've had ourselves in for a while. If you think back to gaming in the '90s, then Saints Row IV wouldn't seem uncommon at all. It's just that people have conditioned themselves to love desaturated, dull, and homogenised.

No, scratch that, I think it's worse than that. I think people have trained themselves to be desaturated, dull, and homogenised.

Up until the early '00s, Saints Row IV would have been so readily embraced by everyone. Just as Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was. But look at you now, look how boring you've become, how one-dimensional and soulless. You don't put any worth on novelty any more, or warmth, or the humanity of an experience. You don't put any worth on creativity, passion, or cleverness. All you want is some more desaturated, homogenised content, which is familiar, comfortable, and nurturing. Just like every other piece of content you've consumed.

Your past self would call you an intellectual coward.

I guess Saints Row IV is for the rest of us who didn't grow up to be the most painfully mundane people imaginable. So that's why I'm with Tom over TotalBiscuit with this. 10 years ago this would have been well-loved, 20 years ago Tom's opinions would have been commonplace.

The problem isn't Saints Row IV. It's you. Somewhere along the way you lost your passion for gaming. You're consuming the same transfat-laden, flavourless, unexciting junk food that everyone else seems to be. You've long forgotten the need for variety.

What happened to you? You used to be cool. (Probably.)

And that's my take on some of the opinions of Saints Row IV. I just can't understand the tidal wave of soporific sameness that seems to be consuming us, these days. You have something that stands out as genuinely unique and fun, and you want to pick it apart for the same flaws you could find in any game?

Read my post above, it's relevant to you. Somewhere along the line you lost your ability to appreciate passionately silly things. I just don't know how you became so boring, either. Do you?

Saints Row IV really is that good. I feel sad that you can't appreciate it as I do.

That was the only real disappointment I had with the game as well, but I believe I was prepared as they said something about not being able to acquire her beforehand. Though I forget the reason why.

I am, however, very happy that they managed to keep the English bloke, as he cracks me up without fail.

Data biscuits.

That is all.

Saints Row IV is a completely different beast to all games that came before it. It's kind of like comparing Grand Theft Auto IV with Prototype or Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. So it's less "Did you like Saints Row: the Third?" and more "Did you like Hulk: Ultimate Destruction?"

Okay...what I meant was that he brought up some incongruities with the design, such as the fact that there are level ups for your gang, but the gang is pretty much pointless. Or with cars, the same thing, lots of boosts, but no reason to ever use cars. They are superfluous to a superhero.

I say his review was balanced because I haven't seen a lot of reviewers mention that stuff.

From this post, I think you are attaching some psychological baggage to people which does not exist. At least it doesn't in my case.

Or people just don't like the game because they have different tastes.

And I find it kinda ironic that you attack other games for sameness when Saints Row 4 is literally just an expansion of the third made into a full game. Don't get me wrong though I'm not disagreeing that there is something lacking with modern games but I found Saints Row 4 to be trying too hard in it's humour and as with most open world games I found the game kinda barren and not very challenging which bored me.

OK so yes this game is amazing, but game of all time? no absolutely not, top 15 yeah, but not number 1, Its fun as hell as lets you embrace your inner silliness, but its not the best.

You're such a Kinzie fanboy Tom and I completely understand. I love that she's such a big part of the story.


At one point I thought the game might be going for an ending where Zinyak is just a big lonely nerd who needs friends. He clearly doesn't have any peers, Kinzie and Matt. Miller. are such prominent characters and I definitely could see Volition making an incredibly cheesy friendship-conquers-all, the-bully-just-wants-to-be-loved ending hilarious.

(I tried to emulate how Kinzie pronounces Matt's name, I'm not sure it worked)