Qt3 Games Podcast: the greatest game of all time

I am halfway through the game to I decided to listen to the podcast.

One big thing I wanted to mention to Tom is he talks about the system in Bioshock of a gun hand and a plasmid hand. It was done WAY before that in Advent Rising. A game I mentioned before was in my top three all time games and the best superhero game ever!

In that one the progression of upgrading from stronger and stronger weapons to stronger and stronger powers and you set it right trigger for right hand and left trigger for the left hand and whatever you wanted so you could duel weld any gun or super power or any combination in-between.

I am always talking this game up and hearing all the reasons why you love SRIV (I do too) it reminds me of systems in place in this little played Xbox/PS2 game.

I made it less than 2 hours in SR3, but I've heard this line of thinking. I'm still considering it. But not until a winter sale, just in case.

I really don't get why people seem to immediately gravitate to Crackdown comparisons when they bring up SRIV's superpowers. SRIV's only real resemblance to Crackdown is in the orb-collecting, and even there, it's handled very differently. On the other hand, the traversal is virtually identical to Prototype and a lot of the handling is pretty similar as well. (Now, SRIV perhaps thankfully doesn't involve meat tentacles, swordhands, or eating people to disguise yourself as them, but it's just a comparison, not a straight 1:1.)

Fantastic game, though.

The full quote is: "The greatest game of all time...if you're a 12 year old boy"

I'm seriously shocked by the feelings towards the driving in Sleeping Dogs. The driving is so good. Once you figure out the drifting you can be speeding through alley's and make perfect 90 degree turns without touching a wall.
The little juking move can do in cars allows you to be driving full speed in the oncoming lane and at the last minute, jut out into the other lane and continue on your way.
yeah, the driving is on the better side of great IMO.

I'm that guy who didn't like the first two Saints Rows, but loved this game. The open-world parts, anyway. SR1 and 2 worked best as a collection of mini-games that ran out of steam after a few hours. SR4 gives you plenty of stuff to do apart from the mini-games, and doesn't really hold you back if you ignore them.

I'm also that guy who finds the SR4 story missions to be pap. They gimp your superpowers. They distend simple-minded gameplay for way too long. They make you suffer through self-indulgent "satire". The story missions are the dues you pay for having too much fun in the simulator. The only times I ever stopped playing were the times I completed the sidequests, and knew that I wouldn't want to play through those lame story quests just to advance the game. At least Just Cause 2 shunted them off to the side.

That reminds me that I also was baffled by the discussion of driving in the GTA games/the early Saints Row titles. One of the big reasons I got into GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas is that all the vehicles felt very distinct and had real personality in their driving. I didn't feel SR2 or 3 were quite as good at this but they certainly tried. GTA IV, far from being where the series introduced distinct handling to the vehicles, is where I felt they lost it because every single car or motorcycle I tried to drive in that game handled like absolute mushy, unsteerable shit, spinning out at the slightest provocation and making their decision to make missions where you're forced to chase an NPC in a car without being able to tell if you're supposed to be shooting at them or just following their scripted path absolutely controller-shatteringly frustrating. I later downloaded a handling mod for the PC version and that helped substantially in that I could actually sorta drive some of the cars under duress, but I still really really miss the driving from the prior games.

I didn't lose my ability to enjoy silly things. This game is not even close to being the greatest of all time