Qt3 Games Podcast: The Master List

I remember when this started and I signed up, Tom said he’d be getting to me sometime after June 2010. He was right!

I adore listening to the podcast, and I can’t wait to be a part of it. I’m sorry in advance for how boring I am. I’m not a crocodile wrangler or anything.

Matt, I can give you my Pokemon stories. One involves the Gamestop in Oak Park Mall and the other the former Battlezone that was across the street, so you can totally relate to them. Then you can dazzle the crowd.

With Pokemon stories.

Why not.
I’m sure something will come out between now and January 2012 that will really excite me… or I’ll just talk about Modern Warfare 4: Moon Base Battles

Yeah, okay. Like Hans, I’m sure I’ll hit on a game to talk about between now and 2077.

Are the games discussed already chosen or is that decided closer to the time?

Happy to put my name in but fairly sure the only games I know somewhat “extensively” about are the Broken Sword games.

I’ll put my name on the list as well. I’m sure someone will have picked my game by the time it comes to me, but by then I’m sure I’ll be able to think of another one.

When I started, I asked folks to pick a game in advance. But considering how long the list is, there’s really no need to commit to a particular game so far in advance. So it’s basically up to whatever folks choose in the final week or so before we record.


P.S. List updated!


If I put my name on the list now, is that too late for a Rock Band 3 podcast in November? :)

I can think of no one I’d rather talk Rock Band 3 with! Assuming you’re not joking, I’ve updated the list with your name and I’m happy to slot you in when you’re ready to talk Rock Band 3.


Sign me up. There are even a few games that I’m as fit as anyone to talk about (including some that will be released by the time my turn comes up.)

Sign me up! I should have something to talk about when my turn comes around, several months from now. :)

Looks like at least a year of waiting (assuming Paradox doesn’t release Crusader Kings 2 any time soon and you want to talk about that), so I might as well get my name on the list now. =)

Oh, what the heck… add me to the list. I’ve really enjoyed the podcasts so far, without exception.

I was hoping to talk about “musical instrument games” when my turn came up. Perhaps you could do your first multi-person podcast on this subject, since I know there are several people here who are extremely passionate about the genre.

If you’re still penning a list, I’d love to talk about Star Chamber.

Chris Woods

Mordrak also suggested a multi-guest podcast, but then he mysteriously deleted his post. What are you hiding, Mord?!?!?? It’s worth considering, but three-person dynamics can be a bit trickier when it’s people who aren’t used to recording with each other. I also like the interviewing aspect of just being 1-on-1. I’ll keep it in mind, but one of the good things about music games is that there are plenty of them to serve as a starting point for anyone who wants to talk about them.

Plus, I’ve come to believe they aren’t technically “games”.


P.S. List updated!

Add me to the list please.

Add me as well! Thanks.

All you new guys jumping in should know the same thing we tell new posters wanting to join the Secret Santa thread – you better post a lot between now and then so we know something about you!