Qt3 Games Podcast: the Perkins factor

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: the Perkins factor
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When August 19, 2011

Dave Perkins joins us this week with the results of the Frozen Synapse tournament...and more. Perkins might not be timely (check out the timestamp on his post of the week!) and he might not be a winner, but he's our favorite Perkins since Marlin..

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At first glance I wondered if that was Howard Hughes and got a weird Bioshock-esque vibe. After reading the name it took me a few seconds to put it together. He was much older when I watched Wild Kingdom on T.V.

Yeah, that's not at all the Marlin Perkins everyone knows, but I couldn't resist that picture. Those are dingo puppies, by the way! So cute.

I appreciate the call out, but must confess that I am quite possibly the single remaining completely untattooed Western male...

And Amsterdam is indeed just round the corner from where I live, but I haven't been since I was a child and my parents offered no tattoos at the time. Flowers or otherwise.